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Are Blundstones Good for Hiking

Your footwear while hiking is perhaps more important than you think. Wearing the wrong shoes can cause long-term damage and in the best scenario it will simply be very uncomfortable. Here we will discuss the use of Blundstones as footwear for hiking to understand the pros and cons.

Blundstones are a shoe made by an Australian company based in Tasmania. The company has been operating since 1892.

The shoes are a type of sturdy boot that comes to just above the ankle. They are typically made from durable leather and are built to be robust.

However, they are not heavy and so are not uncomfortable to wear. In fact, the boots are lightweight and are designed specifically for comfort. Their durability makes them great for all weather conditions as well as all temperatures. 

They were originally designed to be utilitarian boots built to last. And thanks to this original testimony and design they remain a popular shoe to this day.

Are Blundstones Good for Hiking?

Blundstones Tasmanis Boots Hiking

The simple answer is that yes, you can hike in Blundstones if it is only for a short amount of time. Anything that is considered to be a substantial hike will require an investment into good-quality hiking boots.

Blundstones are comfortable for everyday use and are designed to give a certain amount of support, but if you are a really avid hiker and enjoy long and/or demanding walks, then you will better off putting your money into shoes specifically designed for this purpose.

If you are after comfortable shoes for a short hike or walk, then the following article explains our picks for the best travel shoes for men.

However, Blundstones also fulfil the purpose of a good-looking shoe as well as being comfortable and a good choice for short hikes.

If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have any hiking boots available and you only have Blundstones with you then yes, you will be fine to hike in them. They will serve this purpose. However, they are not necessarily the best option. 

Are Blundstones supportive for hiking?

person sitting down with Blundstone boots on

Although Blundstones offer some support in the form of cushioned midsoles and leather lining, they are not the most supportive shoe, especially for hiking. They are not snug to the ankle and so do not offer the best ankle support as your foot can move somewhat freely in the shoe.

For additional support you can always add a cushioned insole – you can even buy personalised supports moulded specifically to your feet. 

The flexibility of the shoe, due to the leather, means that your foot is able to move too freely to class it as an ideal hiking shoe. Ideally, the best shoes for hiking are breathable, sturdy, light-weight and cushioned. Although Blundstones fulfil these criteria to a certain extent, they do not excel in each of these categories.

Tips for hiking in Blundstones

If you find yourself hiking in Blundstones then there are a few things to consider. To have the most comfortable experience we recommend that you make sure that the shoes are:

  • the correct size
  • already broken in
  • not too loose

It is also a good idea to wear comfortable hiking socks, but make sure that there is sufficient room in your boots for these. If your socks make your shoes too tight then you may have problems such as rubbing which can cause blisters.

As we have already said, although hiking in Blundstones can be comfortable, especially if they fit the above criteria, it is still best to only use them for short hikes and also only if you have to. It will always be better to wear hiking boots if you have them available.

Why are Blundstone boots so popular?

Blundstone boots on the beach

Blundstones are particularly popular thanks to their chic and stylish design. Not only are they comfortable, but they are also a great, well-designed addition to any outfit.

Their high-quality and style has also attracted attention from celebrities such as David Beckham. This celebrity reinforcement then only adds to the pre-existing advantages of the boots. 

The high-quality of the materials used, and the care put into the manufacturing process, means that the boots stand the test of time. If you are looking to invest in a pair of shoes that will last you a long time then Blundstones are a popular option.

In the long run, it is better to spend your money on shoes that will last (both in terms of quality and design) rather than a “trendy” pair that will be ruined after a short amount of time.

Caring for Blundstones

When you first receive your boots it is best to apply a leather cream or a leather spray to protect them from the beginning. This will help to give your boots the best chance of living a long life and give you the best wear out of them. The protectant will give the leather an extra shielding layer from the elements. 

If you are applying the protectant for the first time it may be best to apply the cream or spray to a small inconspicuous area to see how it may affect the colour and look of your boots. 

Once you have already worn your shoes it is still important to maintain them. If you have worn your shoes on a particularly muddy day then it is best to remove the mud and/or dirt with a bristled brush and then leave them to dry naturally.

Do not leave your boots to dry near a heat source as this can warp and change the leather. This may badly affect the shape and size of your shoes. 

Are Blundstones only for men?

No, this is not true. There are women’s versions of the popular boots readily available. Just as they are a stylish footwear option for men, so too are they are a good option for women. Their comfort and cushioned sole make them a great option for every day as well as an acceptable option for short walks.

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