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Are Red Wing Boots Good for Hiking?

Red Wing Boots are a good, durable option for hikers. Although they were initially made for heavy-duty industry workers, they offer many beneficial elements to hikers, including waterproof shoes, long-lasting shoes, and shoes that come in a variety of weights and styles. Both men and women can find Red Wing boots that are good for hiking.

Are Red Wing Boots Good for Hiking?

Yes, Red Wing Boots are great for hiking. They come in two different varieties: work and heritage. The work shoes and boots are made for heavy-duty jobs but are great since many of them are waterproof, insulated, and even puncture resistant. The Heritage shoes are everyday shoes that are not as heavy or sturdy as the work shoes, but they are lightweight and stylish, making them great for hiking as well.

Work Shoes and Boots

The Red Wing Work Collection comes in two styles: shoes and boots. The boots cover at least your ankle, if not higher, making them great for supporting your feet and legs on long hikes, especially hikes with rugged terrain where you need your skin protected.

The best part of the work series is the durability of them which is great for hikes in bad weather or on rough terrain. Many of the work shoes and boots are waterproof so that you can hike in wet conditions. The insulated boots are perfect for any hikes in cold or freezing weather. Finally, some of the work series are puncture-resistant, so you can walk through rocks or sticks without worrying about your shoes.

You will need to consider the weight of the Red Wing work shoes before hiking in them since they are generally heavier than most boots. Many of them have steel toes and are thick so that they may be too heavy for a hike. Consider the type of toe that you have in your Red Wing Boots. You likely do not want or need steel-toe boots for a hike. However, some of the boots do have extra toe room if you prefer that in your hiking boots.

TRUHIKER Work Boot and Shoe

Within the work series, there is the TRUHIKER edition which comes in a boot and a shoe. They are both designed to provide high ankle support and a rubber outsole that helps prevent slipping. The boot does come with a steel toe so it is a bit heavy for the typical hike but the shoe is an aluminum toe making it our ideal choice for a hike.

Heritage Shoes

The Heritage Shoes are Red Wing’s everyday shoe collection. While they are not as sturdy as the work boots, they are still highly durable and weigh less than the others. The shoes and boots in this collection are made to conform to your feet as you wear them. 

They will also look more stylish if that is what you are looking for in a hiking shoe. The shoes will also go with everyday looks when you are not hiking, which could save some space when you pack for a trip.

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Unlike the work shoes, many of them will require care to keep them looking good. The leather that these shoes are made of is water and stain-resistant, but you will still need to treat the leather to keep them looking new as you hike more.

Additionally, you will not want to hike in wet conditions or cold weather since they are not insulated, and they are not waterproof, only resistant.

Since the heritage Red Wing shoes are leather, make sure to check out our recommendations for leather backpacks as well. With a stylish leather backpack and shoes, you will be looking your best on and off the trail.

How Long Do Red Wings Last?

How long Red Wings last depends on how often you use them and how well you take care of them. If you are hiking every day, they can last up to a few years with good care. If you are only hiking once a month or so, they can last you way longer. 

Each heritage shoe has a section on the Red Wing website detailing how to take care of them. The leather will need to be protected, cleaned, and conditioned. You can buy any materials you need to care for the shoe, which is an excellent investment to make your shoes last. 

As for the work boots, Red Wing offers a repair service that includes resoles, restitching, and replacement items so you can keep your shoes feeling new. If you hike in your work boots often, you will need to send them in for repairs more often too, but you can often resole and repair them multiple times before they are completely worn out.

Are Red Wings Guaranteed for Life?

Red Wing Shoes have a twelve-month warranty if there are any defects from manufacturing. The warranty does not include normal wear and usage, so if you are wearing your Red Wings for many hikes, you are not covered if anything happens unless it is a defect. This is only valid for up to twelve months on both work and heritage Red Wings.

The work shoes have an additional comfort guarantee. For thirty days after your work boot or shoe purchase, you can get a refund if you do not think the boots are comfortable for any reason. You will need to return the shoes, and it only applies to the work collection.

Other than these two policies, there is no extended lifetime guarantee for your Red Wings. However, they are built to last a long time, and Red Wing does a good job providing you with care instructions and repair options.

Final Thoughts

Red Wing boots are great for hiking as long as you consider all the features and options. You can get waterproof and insulated boots if you do a lot of hiking in wet or cold weather.

There are stylish heritage shoes for men and women, but they require more upkeep than heavy-duty work boots. Additionally, there is no extended warranty for Red Wing shoes, although there are ways to keep them lasting long with care and occasional repairs.

Red Wing boots are ultimately a good boot for hiking as long as you consider your needs and find the best style for you.

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