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Can I Bring My Kindle on an Airplane?

When preparing for an upcoming vacation, a Kindle is sure to be near the top of your packing list. With the ability to pack almost unlimited books into one small package, a Kindle is a great way to save space and have all your reading material at your fingertips. 

But can you fly with a Kindle? Yes! Keep reading to learn about how to best fly with your Kindle.

Can I Bring My Kindle on an Airplane?

Yes, Kindles fall into the category of tablets, which are allowed on any airplane per the Transportation Security Administration

Whether you are traveling with just a carry-on bag or checking your luggage, you can travel with your Kindle. Many airlines discourage packing electronics like Kindles in your checked baggage, but it is allowed if that is your preference. 

How to Pack a Kindle for Plane Travel

Packing your Kindle for a trip on an airplane is pretty simple. However, there are a few best practices to keep in mind that will help to make the process easy and prevent damage. 

One important thing to bring with your Kindle is a carrying case or cover. A case or cover will help protect your Kindle from dust, dirt, or from getting damaged if your bag gets tossed around during transport. 

Packing Your Kindle in Your Carry-On Bag

Your carry-on bag is probably the safest place for your Kindle while traveling on an airplane. Keep your carry-on bag close to you at all times while traveling through the airport and on the airplane to make sure your Kindle and any other personal items are safe. 

When packing your carry-on bag, put your Kindle near the top of the bag or in a pocket so that you can easily access it when you need to remove it. 

Packing Your Kindle in A Checked Bag

Although it is always recommended to keep your Kindle in your carry-on bag if possible, there are times where you will have to put it in your checked luggage. You won’t run into any issues with TSA, but it’s just a matter of personal preference.

It is perfectly safe to check your Kindle, you just need to make sure it is well cushioned inside your suitcase so that it is not damaged on the trip. 

If you plan to put your Kindle in a checked bag, it may be worth investing in a lock for your suitcase as an added layer of security so that you can ensure that your Kindle is not stolen. 

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Do Kindles Need to be Taken Out at the Airport Security Checkpoint?

Yes, if you have a Kindle in your carry-on luggage you will be expected to take it out of your bag at the security checkpoint. 

This is a reason why it’s helpful to have a carrying case or sleeve for your Kindle so that it is protected when you place it in one of the bins during the security check. 

Once the Kindle goes through the scanner along with any of your other electronics and personal items, you can return it to your bag for the remainder of your trip.

How to Turn on Airplane Mode

Once you have boarded the plane and are awaiting takeoff, you will want to put your Kindle on Airplane Mode as you would any other electronic device you are carrying like a cell phone or a laptop. 

To turn on Airplane Mode on your Kindle, simply navigate the following on your device: Menu > Settings > Airplane Mode. Switch the Airplane Mode toggle switch from “Off” to “On” and you should see a small airplane image appear on the screen in the place of your WiFi bars.

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