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Can I Vape in a Non-Smoking Hotel Room?

Vaping is becoming a habit for most people, especially since, in theory, you can do it almost anywhere. But can you do it in a non-smoking hotel room?

Long story short – you can’t, and you shouldn’t. Let’s delve deeper into why that is.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of using an electronic cigarette – one that heats up a liquid which you’ll then inhale. “Vapes” come in different forms, such as pens, e-cigs, or sometimes even hookahs.

Vaping has proven to be a popular alternative to smoking, as most have lower nicotine contents than their traditional counterparts. Furthermore, the content can vary. It can have tobacco, THC, or sometimes just flavoring.

Why Do People Vape?

There are plenty of reasons why people vape. To be more statistical with knowing the rationale behind the behavior, a study was done within a control group.

In the said research, results show that the top reason was trying to quit or reduce smoking habits. This was followed by simply enjoying the multitude of flavors, then the convenience of being able to vape where once is normally unable to smoke.

With just the first and third topmost reason, you can somehow infer that most vapers don’t believe, or at least deny, that vaping and smoking are similar.

Why Can’t You Vape in a Non-smoking Hotel Room?

no smoking sign on door

Despite the seemingly fine line between vaping and smoking, most hotels consider them as synonymous. As such, you can’t vape if you’re booked in a non-smoking hotel room.

While the substance produced by vapes aren’t the same with that of traditional cigarettes, there are a few, identical reasons why they are not allowed in the non-smoking wing of hotels.

For starters, there’s that lingering smell. While there are vape juices that won’t produce the same noxious gas, they will still leave a scent behind – something that not everyone can appreciate. And it may be tricky for the staff to get rid of it from the beddings and the walls.

Another is the secondhand smoke, or vapor, in this case. Sure, we can argue that there are vapes less toxic than cigarettes, but that still doesn’t remove the fact that it still is toxic to some extent. Add the fact that there may be substances found in your e-liquid that aren’t legal in some territories, like CBD and THC, and that could be upsetting to others.

It is true that some e-liquids are merely flavored and nicotine-free. However, we still go back to the argument of the lingering smell. It may be tricky to distinguish nicotine, THC, and flavored scents, thus it’s a lot safer for hotels to just implement a blanket ban altogether.

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How Would the Hotel Know That You Vaped?

You can be clever with concealing when you vape, however there’s more than one way the hotel staff will know that you did.

Let’s start with the most obvious, and that is smell. Whether it’s cigarette or vape, when the staff or other guests smell something odd, that will alert the establishment. Plus, if your e-liquid happens to have THC or CBD, it will be recognizable.

Of course, there are odorless variants, so we go to the next way the hotel will know you vaped – sight. It’s pretty easy to spot vape clouds, especially if you’re hitting it hard. A surprise visit from the hotel staff is all it takes, and even during checkout, some visual cues may linger in the vicinity.

Last, but definitely not the least, are the smoke detectors. The vapor may not always trigger them, depending on the type of smoke alarm in your hotel room, but such instances aren’t totally unheard of. If you don’t trigger it, that’s fortunate, but if you do, it will definitely cause an unwanted racket.

What if You Can’t Help but Vape?

vaping pen up-close

Sometimes you can’t be bothered to get out of your room and find a smoking area. So, what if you get that sudden itch to vape?

A few redditors share their experiences on how to vape undetected. Take note, however, that there are risks to these options!

For starters, you can blow the vapor away from the smoke detector and towards the AC unit, especially when they are far apart. Make sure to set the fan to run constantly, that way the vapor will dissipate in the air.

Another possibility is to cover the smoke detector with a shower cap, that way the vapor won’t set it off. Of course, don’t forget to remove it once you’re done.

Perhaps the most effective, as per the redditors, is by vaping in the bathroom. There are no smoke detectors there, otherwise the steam of hot water could trigger the alarm. Furthermore, there are exhaust fans there, so that should help.

Again, these aren’t foolproof options, so try them at your own risk. The best thing you could do is to find a smoking area in the vicinity.

What Happens When You Get Caught Vaping?

In the ill-fated scenario where you get caught vaping, circumstances vary depending on the hotel’s policies and the gravity of the offense.

There are those that will even issue a fine upon checkout, which can be upwards of $150 to $250. If the fire brigade is alerted due to the alarm, then there may be additional charges on top of the abovementioned cost.

In extreme cases, such as when you tamper with the smoke alarms to prevent the management from knowing you vaped, you may be charged for destruction of property, and they could ban you. Furthermore, in territories where such tampering is illegal, you may face criminal raps, and those aren’t worth it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to vape in a hotel, the best option will be to ask what their policies are regarding the matter. If they don’t allow it, then inquire if you may select a smoking-friendly room, if there’s one. Most hotels adapt to different people’s needs, like providing hearing-accessible rooms, so they should more or less have facilities for those who vape and smoke.

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