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Can you Bring a Laptop on a Plane?

Laptops are one of the most common items that people bring on planes. There are many reasons that people bring a laptop on a plane like business, entertainment, or browsing the web. 

So can you bring a laptop on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a laptop on a plane. According to the TSA website, laptops can go in your carry-on bags and checked bags. 

While you are not allowed to use your laptop, or any other large electronics, during takeoff or landing, you can use them during the rest of the flight, so packing them in your carry-on is best if you need to use them on the flight. 

Bringing your laptop in your carry-on bag is also the best way to keep it safe from getting damaged or stolen. When you put it in a checked bag, you do not know who is handling your bag and whether or not they will be careful with it.

If you do want to pack your laptop in your checked bag for any reason, you should be sure to lock your luggage with a secure lock. We have a list of the best retractable cable locks for luggage to help you choose the best one to keep your belongings, including your laptop, safe in your bag.

But, when you have your laptop with you as a carry-on, TSA requires you to remove your laptop from your bag during the security check. 

The only way to get around this rule is to have TSA Precheck, which we explain later in the article. We also explain how to pack a laptop for travel, how to pass through security with your laptop, and whether or not you can bring two laptops on a plane.

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How to Pack a Laptop for Plane Travel

You want to pack your laptop in a way that it is safe when you travel. You don’t want it to be sliding around in your bag or be packed in a way that it gets damaged.

If you are bringing your laptop in your carry-on bag, try bringing a bag with a built-in laptop pocket or sleeve. These sleeves are padded, so your laptop is less likely to get damaged.

If you have a backpack or laptop bag as your personal item, you can easily access your laptop since it will be under the seat in front of you. But, if you have to pack it in your carry-on bag, it will be in the overhead compartment. 

You can still access your laptop from the overhead bin, but it will not be as easy, especially if you need to open a suitcase to access it. 

Since you cannot have your laptop out at all times, you want to have a place for it in your bag or a case to protect it when you put it away. Your bags will shift during takeoff and landing, so ensure your bag protects your laptop. 

And make sure you can easily access your laptop. You need to put it away for takeoff and landing and take it out after takeoff if you want to use it. 

If you are packing your laptop in your checked bag, know that you will not have access to it for the entire journey. And, checked bags have a risk of getting lost or damaged.

When you pack your laptop in your checked bag, make sure it has a lot of soft items to protect it. You should put it in a case or carrying sleeve, then place it in the center of your bag surrounded by soft clothes or towels. 

Can you Bring Laptop Through Airport Security?

You are allowed to bring your laptop through airport security, and there are no restrictions or size limits to the laptops you are allowed to bring.

But, as we mentioned above, you need to remove your laptop from your bag at the security checkpoint. Here is what the TSA website says about this rule:

Please remove the laptops from your bag and place it in a separate bin for X-ray screening.

After you get through airport security, you can place your laptop back in your bag and leave it there for the rest of your trip, unless you want to use it on the plane or at the airport. 

Your laptop will also go through a security check if you put it in your checked bag. It will be screened the same way your belongings do when you have them at the security checkpoint. 

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Does a Laptop Count as a Carry-on?

A laptop is small enough that it does not count as a carry-on item on its own. Even if you place it in a laptop bag or sleeve, it will still fit under the seat in front of you, which constitutes a personal item.

You can still put your laptop in your carry-on luggage if you choose to, but it will have to go in the overhead bin during the flight. There is also a chance that your carry-on bag might have to be checked at the gate if there is not enough room in the overhead bins for everyone’s luggage.

If you are looking for a good laptop backpack for travel, we have a list of the five best laptop backpacks for women.

Can I Fly with 2 Laptops?

You can fly with two laptops, but you have to take them both out of your bag when you go through the security checkpoint. Depending on the size of the bins at the checkpoint, you either need to put your laptops side-by-side in one bin or put each one in a separate bin.

Do I Have to Remove my Laptop with TSA Precheck?

No, travelers with TSA Precheck do not need to remove their laptops from their bags. Not only are TSA Precheck lines faster than standard security screening lines, but you save time by not having to remove your laptop from your bag. 

Other benefits of TSA Precheck include not removing your shoes, liquids, and jackets. So, if you travel with your laptop often, TSA Precheck is something you should consider to save time at the airport. 

Although leaving your laptop in your bag at the security checkpoint is the benefit of TSA Precheck, there is always a possibility that you have to go through extra screening, which might include removing your laptop from your bag.

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