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Can You Bring Baby Wipes on a Plane?

Baby wipes are an essential item for all parents whether you are at home, on the road, or even on a plane. They come in handy for wiping your kids hands after snacks or even cleaning the fold down trays, but are they allowed on a plane?

Thankfully there are no restrictions on baby wipes from TSA nor most airlines. According to TSA’s website, they are allowed in both your carry-on and checked bags and there is no limit as to how many baby wipes you are allowed to bring with you on the plane.

If you’re wondering, the above guidelines also apply to any other kind of wipe, including alcohol based wipes.

Sanitizing Wipes: Wet wipes, in any quantity, can be carried on. This includes baby wipes!

Staying Healthy When Traveling (tsa.gov)

Do Baby Wipes Count as a Liquid for TSA?

Despite the fact that baby wipes are wet, they are not wet enough to be classed as a liquid by the TSA. This means that you do not need to add them to your quart-sized clear liquid bag, and you do not have any particular limit on how much you can bring.

The same goes for any other type of wipe, such as makeup wipes, antibacterial/disinfectant wipes, or wet wipes.

This has become particularly useful during the pandemic when everyone is taking extra care with hygiene. Unfortunately, gel sanitizer is classed as a liquid, which means you’re limited as to how much you can take.

Some airlines have increased the limit to 12oz for COVID, but it’s still safer to take sanitizing wipes, as this way you know you don’t have a limit.

Although airlines do clean planes between each flight, things can be missed. Having wipes handy is great for cleaning seats, trays, or even your body.

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How to Pack Baby Wipes for Travel

Using baby wipes to clean on a plane

As we have discussed, you can pack wet wipes in your carry on luggage without needing to include them with your liquids. This means that for the most part it doesn’t really matter where or how you pack them.

If you are planning to use baby wipes during your flight, then we’d recommend packing them someplace where you can conveniently take them in and out. For example, right at the top of your luggage or in a side pocket.

Furthermore, if you feel that you will need to change your baby’s diaper, then it would make sense to pack the wipes with the diapers and anything else you may need for this.

Keeping baby wipes at the top of your bag is also useful for when you go through airport security. It makes it obvious to the x-ray machines what they are, whereas if they are being blocked by other items, your bag is likely to get flagged for inspection.

To prevent this, you could also remove the baby wipes before they go through the scanner and place them with your laptop and other electronics.

You should remember that even though you have selected carry-on, it is subject to availability. On busy flights, it’s possible that there will be no more room in the overhead lockers, and you will need to check your bag into hold luggage instead.

Of course, this is annoying, but it helps if you’re prepared. By keeping your baby wipes plus any other essentials in your personal item instead, then there is no risk of not having it with you on your flight.

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Are Baby Wipes Allowed Through Airport Security?

Baby wipes are allowed through airport security. They can be packed in either carry-on, or hold luggage. However, it’s always worth bearing in mind that anything that goes through airport security is subject to inspection.

If the particular control officer deems your baby wipes unable to enter the plane, then you will not be able to take them.

These occasions are rare, but nonetheless, they do happen. If there is anything suspicious or inadequate about the wipes, then they can be confiscated.

Final Thoughts

You can freely take baby wipes in your hand luggage or hold luggage, which is great news for parents everywhere! In fact, you can take an unlimited amount of any wipe on a plane, including disinfectant wipes.

This also helps to free-up some extra space in your liquids bag by not needing to take gel hand sanitizer.


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