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Can You Bring Hair Clippers on a Plane?

Even with the clean shaven look disappearing from the corporate office, men are still required to be neat, tidy and presentable. In fact, beard maintenance and beard grooming products are becoming more and more popular and on trend. This makes it even more important to maintain a well kept look.

For some men, grooming facial hair is a daily occurrence. For those men, it is essential that hair clippers and beard trimmers come on business trips or on vacation. But can you bring hair clippers on a plane as carry on?

According to the official TSA website, you can take hair clippers on a plane in your carry-on luggage. Travelers should always be mindful that TSA officers at the security checkpoint are able to go against this general rule, and remove them from your carry on luggage. It is also recommended that you check with the individual airline that you are flying with. If you are concerned about the TSA ruling on the day of travel, and you do have the option to use check in luggage, it may put your mind at ease to place the hair clippers in that luggage instead.

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How to Pack Hair Clippers for Plane Travel

The hesitance to pack hair clippers for plane travel is often because travelers are worried it won’t be allowed through the security check. As many other sharp objects are not allowed in the cabin of the plane, most passengers are unsure if hair clippers are seen as a sharp object, therefore a possible security risk.

Many sharp objects are allowed to be brought on board in a carry-on luggage. Essentially, TSA states that “Any sharp objects in checked bags should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors”. So while your hair clippers may have secure covers and the blade and sharp parts of your clippers, it is best to ensure that the hair clippers are packed securely. Ensure your hair clipper blades are covered with a  fitting cover and make sure that the blades are not exposed. To not only keep everything secure and in one place, store your travel hair clippers and all the attachments in a material bag with a zipper. There are many sets available that come with their own travel bag, just the right size for your hair clippers.

Top 3 Travel Hair Clippers for Men

The last thing you want to do when you are traveling is to take multiple accessories and appliances with you. Investing in a great travel hair clipper set is worth the initial cost.

Here are our Top 3 travel hair clippers for men, that will save you space!

Philips Multigroom

9.2/10 Our Score

Coming with 13 attachments, the Philips Multigroom has everything you need to keep your facial hair neat and tidy while traveling. These travel hair clippers come with a storage bag for the attachments, which includes a cleaning brush.

KEMEI Mini Clippers

9/10 Our Score

Cordless and pocket-sized, these hair clippers are the perfect travel companion. Suitable for complete facial hair maintenance while on the go, these battery powered clippers won’t require sharpening during your time away from home.

Braun Hair Clippers

9/10 Our Score

Lifetime sharp blades complete this 9 piece set that is perfect for the frequent traveler. Featuring multiple settings and attachments, this complete set will ensure you are looking your best throughout your time away from home.

Final Thoughts

While some hotels around the world still have shavers available in the rooms, being stuck with something old and blunt is not ideal. Investing in a grooming multitool that can be taken in your carry on luggage will save you time and money, and clipping disasters, in the long run.

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