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Can You Bring Protein Powder on a Plane?

Hikers know that the right dietary supplements can boost health and improve one’s performance on a hike. Protein powders too are a great way to get a shot of easily absorbed protein without the need to eat a full meal. However, with travel restrictions getting stricter by the day, you need to know what the stand of the TSA is with regard to carrying protein powder in your luggage.

According to the information given on the official TSA website, carrying protein powder in one’s check in luggage and carry-on luggage is permitted. However, any substance that resembles a powder which is more than 350 ml needs to be placed in a separate bin for a closer screening. Depending upon the officer in charge, the containers which carry the powder may need to be opened and screened further.

The website suggests that if there is a need to carry a quantity that is more than 12 oz or 350 ml, then it is better and safer to pack the same in the check in luggage. Here are a few ideas on how to pack your protein powder in your luggage properly.

How to Pack Protein Powders (Carry-On vs Checked Bag)

Packing protein powder can be really tricky, so here are a few suggestions that you could try out on your next trip:

  • If you can, avoid buying protein powder that is plain white in color and go for a flavored option in a different color. This is just a suggestion but depending upon the quantity you are carrying; white protein powder may also be mistaken for another substance.
  • If flavors really aren’t your thing and just flavorless protein powder or the vanilla variant does the trick for you, then make sure you carry the powder in its original packaging along with the supermarket receipts.
  • If you opt for other flavors, then you can save more space by repackaging the powder into smaller ziplock bags and dividing them between your carry on and check in luggage. I recommend placing not more than two scoops of protein powder in a single mini ziplock bag.
  • If you place multiple mini ziplock bags in one big ziplock bag, you minimize the possibility of the bag bursting open and the contents spilling out onto your clothes.
  • Another smart way to save space is by placing one or two mini ziplock bags in a protein drink shaker. This way, you don’t have to worry about the contents of the pack leaking either.
  • Purchasing individual protein powder sachets is another stress-free way to fly. Since the packets are already sealed, you don’t have to worry about spilling contents or facing any other issues when your bags are screened. However, individual one-time use sachets are more expensive than buying a whole jar.
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Protein Powder on International Flights

 The same rules apply when you are taking an international flight as well. I recommend carrying not more than two sachets in your carry-on luggage and packing the rest in your check in luggage. Don’t forget to carry receipts and any other proof of purchase on your person at all times. You could also pick up a pack of protein powder from the shopping lounge at the airport which will be a sealed pack too.

TSA Resource for Questions

If you have any questions about how to pack protein powder safely without getting into trouble, then visiting the TSA website should be your first priority. Still got questions that need to be answered? Then simply tweet them at AskTSA (@AskTSA) / Twitter. Their customer care is more than happy to help give you the right answers. But don’t forget- the TSA official who checks your bags will still have the last word!

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