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Can You Bring Video Game Discs on a Plane?

Video game discs are not common to bring on a plane, but they are allowed. You can pack them in a carry-on bag or a checked bag with no issues, but they are safer in a carry-on that stays with you for your entire journey. 

Any discs, whether they are video games, DVDs, CDs, or any other type of discs, are allowed on planes. You can also bring other video games like handheld devices and systems that use game cards. 

This article will discuss how to pack your discs for travel and whether or not you can bring other electronic devices like video game consoles on a plane. 

Are Game Discs allowed in my Carry-on Luggage?

Yes, you can pack game discs in your carry-on luggage. Packing your game discs in your carry-on is the best way to travel with them because you can keep your bag safe with you the entire time, except for when your bag goes through security. 

You should not have to take them out of your bag during the security screening since they are not electronic devices, and the x-ray scanner they use during the screening will not damage your discs. But, you have to take any video game consoles out of your carry-on luggage at the security checkpoint. 

You just need to remember that your carry-on bag must follow the airline’s size restrictions. All airlines have similar size requirements, but you need to check with the airline you are flying to make sure whatever bag you bring does not exceed their size limits. 

If you have any specific questions you want answered about game discs or anything else you might want to bring on a plane, you can reach out to AskTSA on Twitter. 

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How to Pack Game Discs for Travel

Properly packing your game discs is important because you will have to replace them completely if they break. 

If you can fit them in your suitcase, packing your game discs in their original packaging is the best way to keep them safe while traveling. Disc holders are meant to protect discs efficiently, so you can be sure that you are protecting your discs as well as possible. 

But, disc cases can be bulky, so it’s not a good method of packing if you are bringing a lot of discs or don’t have a lot of space in your bag. 

If you are tight on space, invest in a disc binder. These binders come in many sizes, sometimes holding as many as a few hundred discs.

There is a sleeve to place each disc in, and the outside of the binder has a soft, thick lining to protect all your discs from damage. 

If you can’t play your video games on the plane, you might want to download some games on your phone to play during the flight. If you are using your phone a lot on your flight, bring a rechargeable battery on the plane with you.

Can I Bring an Xbox One on a Plane?

An Xbox One is allowed on a plane as well as other games consoles. To learn more about how to pack a console or tips for security, check out our article on bringing an Xbox One on a plane.

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