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Can You Take an Umbrella on a Plane?

When you travel you want to be prepared for anything. And unless you are heading away on a vacation that is guaranteed no rainfall, then being prepared includes bringing an umbrella with you.

In some instances, you may even need it as soon as you leave the airport so having it in your carry-on bag is ideal. Or you may not have any checked luggage at all. But what are the actual rules and guidelines about taking an umbrella on the place?

When you search TSA , the guidelines aren’t as clear as you would hope. They advise you to check with the airline that you are flying with and the site even features a disclaimer, stating that the final decision rests with the TSA officers at the checkpoint. Talk about confusing and stressful!

Using the TSA official website, the general information found is that most airlines flying around the US allow umbrellas on the plane in the cabin with you. As an example United and Virgin Atlantic list umbrella’s under their ‘one additional item’ list in addition to your carryon bag and personal item.

It is recommended to do the research with your chosen airline prior to your departure as you would hate your umbrella to be confiscated at the airport because of the size or any rule changes. Add this to your list of things to do when you are organising your travel plans.

Will airport security stop me with an umbrella?

Unfortunately as stated on their website and on multiple airline websites (as well as social media feedback and comments) the decision is dependent on the TSA security at the checkpoint on the day. As frustrating as that is, it is still recommended to check with your airline to see if they have the guidelines in writing and ensure that your umbrella can fit in your carry on or personal item so it isn’t something additional to carry.

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What size umbrella can you take on a plane?

With over 50 airlines that fly domestically in the US, all having their own rules,, it pays to be safer than sorry by being prepared for anything. International airlines do have more information available about their carry-on limits than their domestic partners, including specific umbrella size but what are your options locally?

Firstly avoid anything point or sharp; before you even consider the size and length of your umbrella.Then it would be best to be able to have an umbrella that can fit in your approved carry-on bag, considering they do indicate the size of your carry-on bag.

Secondly, consider a foldable umbrella to ensure that it fits in your carry-on securely. Check out the ones we recommend for domestic travel.

Our recommendations of the 3 Best Umbrellas for Travel

Repel Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella

9.2/10 Our Score

This stylish black umbrella measures at the compact length of 11.5 inches. Light weight and with a rubber coating handle, the Repel Umbrella is a safe alternative to take with you when you travel by plane. The best thing about this umbrella is it’s sturdiness and durability to handle all types of weather. No wind gusts or storms can penetrate the double vented canopy and the teflon coating is perfect for repelling excess water and keeps away the sun without it weakening over time.

LANBRELLA Compact Reverse Folding Umbrella

9.2/10 Our Score

This compact, foldable umbrella is the perfect travel umbrella for all occasions and locations. The Lanbrella umbrella is able to be folded inwards after use to ensure the rest of your belongings don’t get wet. Suitable to use by all ages, this handy umbrella offers quick open and close features, also allowing for quick use when getting in and out of taxis or stores. The safe rubber handle makes it suitable for air travel, plus you can choose from a wide variety of colours.

Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

9/10 Our Score

Mother Nature can really put on a show and it still won’t be able to challenge this umbrella. Suitable for the harshest of conditions, the Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella collapses to only 12 inches in length but then opens to a protective 42 inch canopy. No sharp or pointy ends or parts mean that this umbrella is the perfect travel companion when flying. With a range of colours to choose from, this umbrella is style and convenience combined in one.

All of our recommended umbrella’s are suitable to place into approved carry-on bags, based on the guidelines provided by the majority of airlines. By ensuring you have an umbrella that is small, compact plus no sharp or pointy edges, this will give you better odds of not having the umbrella confiscated at the checkpoint. And the plus side is all of these umbrellas are so stylish that once you arrive at your destination, you will also look good using it.

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