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Delta Changed my Flight – Now What Happens?

Planning your travel arrangements isn’t always an easy feat. This is especially so considering logistics, responsibilities and making sure you have time to get to the airport.

Even after you’ve got everything down perfectly, your flight can still be changed or cancelled through no fault of your own. We’ve been there before, and are very familiar with that uncomfortable and helpless feeling when it does happen.

In this article we’ll look at what happens following a Delta flight change. We’ll also look at the many reasons why this can occur, what you can do as the consumer, as well as answer any other related queries you may have.

Once you’ve had confirmation from Delta that your flight has been changed, it’s now time to look at what your options are.

Usually what happens is that the ticket is revalidated within 72 hours of the disruption, and you’ll automatically be placed on the closest and most appropriate flight to your destination (this is the case in around 80% of flight change cases, according to Delta). You’ll still use the same ticket, and once updated it’ll replace the old flight information with the new route, date and time. 

In the event that this new journey doesn’t work for you, you can contact Delta for other potential routes or to get a refund issued.

In any other cases where the flight cannot be revalidated (such as a flight being changed from direct to connecting), you should be notified via the company you booked with to see what the next steps will be.

Reissue vs Revalidation: What’s the Difference?

When an airline reissues a new flight ticket, it’s because you have requested a change in date, time or destination. A reissue can only be provided through an action of the consumer (who paid for the flight ticket).

On the other hand, a revalidated ticket happens in the event that the airline has changed something internally. In this case, when an airline (such as Delta) changes your flight itinerary without your input, you’ll still receive the same ticket, however the information will be updated as to serve the new route.

Reasons Why an Airline Can Change Your Flight

Most schedule changes to your flight will occur 7 days or longer before the day of travel, as mentioned here by Delta.

Whilst it’s still not ideal, it gives plenty of time to find alternate routes, get a refund or explore other options which we’ll take a look at later in this article. 

Unfortunately, though, many flight changes can also occur closer to the time due to unforeseen events. If you’ve just arrived at the airport and found out you’ve been delayed for a short while, then you can check out some ways to pass the time here

Now let’s take a look at some of the most common culprits for a change in flight.

Reason 1: Bad Weather

This is the most common reason an airline will cancel or change any particular flight. Poor visibility due to heavy rains or fog is the most common, whilst most airlines will not take-off in the event of a storm.

There’s also the more rare natural events such as hurricanes or flooding, that will pretty much guarantee a flight to be cancelled, and therefore changing you on to a different date (if possible). It’s also more likely that night flights will be changed due to poorer visibility, when compared with flights during the day. 

Reason 2: Issues With the Pilot or Staff

Another reason for your change of flight can be down to problems with personnel. For example, if the pilot is ill then this can lead to the flight being cancelled. Similarly, if there are not enough flight attendants, then this can also affect the flight schedule.

Reason 3: Mechanical Issues

Whilst the previous two reasons are reasonable yet still somewhat frustrating, this one at least you won’t want to argue with! Despite aviation technology always being maintained to its highest quality, there’s always potential for a mechanical fault which is tested before lining a plane up for take-off. If your particular plane has an issue, then you’ll be scheduled onto a different flight.

Your Options as a Consumer With Delta

Whilst a flight change is unfortunate, as a consumer you’ll thankfully always have several options. 

Usually, the airline will try to schedule you onto the next most appropriate route, and if successful, will automatically revalidate your flight ticket for you. In the event it’s not possible (more likely with less popular routes), then you’ll be eligible for a refund or voucher depending on the flight and circumstances. 

The voucher will allow you to buy a different flight at any particular date of the same value or less (please read all of Delta’s guidelines on their vouchers here). If there doesn’t seem to be another flight you can take, then your best option is to claim a refund and book with another airline (if possible).

If you are caught out with a flight cancellation, say on a connecting flight, then you do have some options which we’ve covered here.

Final Thoughts

And that’s all for our guide to what happens following a Delta flight change.

Unfortunately flight cancellations or changes can occur, and this can sometimes be confusing what will happen next for you as the consumer.

In this article we’ve explored what happens following a Delta flight change, the reasons why a flight can change, and also your rights as a consumer.

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