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How To Unlock Delsey Luggage First Time

Most frequent travelers rave about Delsey luggage, and that they’re a must for both durability and security. And so, you got yourself your very first one, but then just noticed there’s a built-in lock! How do you unlock it then?

Worry not, because it just takes a simple press of a button. There should be an arrow in the lock of the suitcase, so simply press it in the direction indicated and it should easily pop the suitcase open. This applies to both single and double locks.

What Is Delsey Luggage?

Delsey is a luxury brand of hard-sided travel suitcases which originated in France. It’s been in the market since the late 1940s and have greatly improved the quality of its products since then.

While considered to be somewhat pricey, the cost is well worth the purchase. It has a TSA combination lock paired with an anti-theft double zip, ensuring your belongings are kept secure. Those who own their own Delsey luggage claim that they last as long as eight years even, which speaks miles about its durability.

How Do I Unlock My Desley Luggage?

First-time owners of Delsey luggage are given a comprehensive set of instructions on their official website, showing how easy it is to open your newly bought suitcase.

For starters, they aren’t really locked, and all you need to do is push a button, which you should see near the lock, in the direction showed by an arrow. For double-locks, the instruction is also the same – simply observe where the arrows point to and press to those directions accordingly.

How Do I Update the Lock’s Security Code?

The instructions will vary depending on what type of lock your Delsey luggage has, but the concept is fairly similar for all.

Open the lock using the original code, 0-0-0, slide the reset button until you hear a clicking sound, then set your secret combination using the thumbwheels. Once you’re done, slide the reset button back to its original position. Don’t forget to write down the new code!

If, for any circumstance, you forgot what the new code is, you can visit an authorized repair center so they can assist you. Make sure to keep the warranty and receipt with you.

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