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Is Canada Considered International?

Canada and the United States share the longest land border in the world. Stretching 5525 miles, these countries are 2 of the 3 that make up the continent of North America.

So while they share this extensive border, when traveling from the United States to Canada, it is classed as international travel.

Do you have to go Through Customs from the US to Canada?

When traveling between the US and Canada, visitors will be required to go through customs. This is applicable whether or not you are traveling by air, road, or ferry.

Visitors will be required to complete a customs declaration prior to arrival. This is to declare the goods and money you will be bringing into the country of arrival. You may find that what you are bringing in is subject to import tax so it pays to do your research before traveling over the border.

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Do I need a Passport to Travel to Canada?

Yes, you are required to have a valid passport if you would like to travel to Canada. Again this is regardless of the method of travel so even crossing the border on land via private car, you would be required to hold a valid passport.

The official government site for Canada travel provides detailed information about what documents you are required to have when entering the country.

Can I rent a car in the US and drive to Canada?

Yes, you are able to hire a car in the US and drive to Canada. Of course, there are specific licensing requirements as well as the driver of the vehicle needs specific insurance for each country.

There may also be some restrictions in regards to the type of vehicle you can hire. Not all car rental companies have the option of crossing the border. Often this is due to not having their company in Canada or vice versa.

Budget states that they offer car rental to be taken across the border. Hertz is also another company that will allow rental cars to be taken into Canada.

When hiring a car, you will be required to declare that the vehicle is crossing the border and you will also be required to show appropriate identification. Please note that the rental car companies will not check that you have all the required paperwork to be allowed into the other country. This is up to the individuals that will be traveling in the car.

Can I travel to Canada from the US even if I am not a citizen of either country?

Perhaps you are wanting to visit Canada after having a vacation in the US, but you are not a US citizen? You will probably need additional paperwork and will need to check the current entry requirements for that type of travel.

This may also be applicable if you are transiting through Canada. Ensure you check before traveling to your first destination what is required to ensure you are prepared.

Final Thoughts

The requirements to enter any country can change so ensure you check each time you want to cross the border and allow yourself plenty of time to get your documents in order.

While Canada does not enforce the rule about requiring 6 months left on your passport, it is still recommended that you have sufficient time left, or you could run into potential problems.

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