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Best Men’s Winter Coats for Extreme Cold 2022

Are you traveling to the most extreme conditions on the face of the Earth? Alaska, Canada, Russia or the Arctic Circle?

If you dare to make a journey into such cruel weather, then you need a winter jacket that can survive anything. Thick blankets of snow, pounding hail and piercing rain can be thrown your way in the blink of an eye.

That’s why a durable jacket is the best investment you will ever make for the winter. Take a look at our top 10 winter jackets for men and be prepared to face any forecast.

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1. Wantdo Mountain Waterproof Ski Winter Jacket

9/10 Our Score

This heavy-duty Wantdo ski jacket is a life saver when venturing into the fiercest winter conditions. Waterproof and wind-resistant, it makes those snowy nights bearable.

Polyester fiber lines the interior to help retain body heat and the exterior material repels rain to keep you dry. The detachable hood makes the jacket more comfortable during brighter days.

Chest, hand and arm pockets allow you to securely bring along any of your valuables. A fantastic option for those wishing to partake in adventurous winter sports with nowhere else to store their belongings.

2. The North Face Men’s McMurdo Parka III

9.4/10 Our Score

Superior insulation and comfort are a must when trying to survive the extreme cold and this McMurdo parka offers exactly that.

This winter parka provides excellent resistance to wind and rain while maintaining a relaxed fit. You can easily remove the hood for more flexibility without losing any heat around your core.

If you misplaced your gloves, the interior lining of the hand pockets keeps your fingers protected during any blizzard.

3. Whaleback Waterproof Men’s Winter Jacket by Duluth

9.2/10 Our Score

Whether trekking through the snow or taking cover from the rain, you need a reliable jacket built for any kind of weather. That is exactly what you get with the Whaleback Waterproof Jacket.

Duluth Trading Company is one of the best in the business and it doesn’t miss a beat with this coat. The nylon exterior shields you from heavy rain, cozy insulation warms you during sub-freezing temperatures and it fights moisture to prevent you from becoming a sweaty mess.

You need heavy-duty protection in thick snow and torrential rain and the Whaleback Waterproof Jacket provides supreme protection.

4. Caterpillar Insulated Men’s Winter Parka

9.2/10 Our Score

Those who constantly find themselves trudging through the snow or navigating through heavy rainfall need the most durable material. The Caterpillar Insulated Parka provides exemplary protection against wind, rain and snow.

When you button the parka to the neck, zero heat escapes due to the snug interior lining. Easy to reach pockets provide ample room for your hands or protecting your valuables in the outdoors.

If you are wandering in the dark, this parka has a nifty feature that may provide superior safety. Its unique material lining the chest deflects light to aid your vision in the darkness of night. A feature that could prove to be a difference maker when wandering dangerous territory after dark.

5. Patagonia Micro Puff Men’s Winter Jacket

8.4/10 Our Score

From one of the southernmost regions of the world to the iconic outdoor gear company, Patagonia is synonymous with extreme conditions.

If you are planning an expedition to the ends of the Earth, this Patagonia brand jacket is a natural fit. The perfect combination of warm and lightweight, the Micro Puff Jacket packs a punch against Mother Nature’s fury.

Cold air stands no chance trying to penetrate the slim-fit design and its waterproof material protects you from rain. Great for any winter outdoor activity, you will be hard-pressed to find a more diverse winter jacket for men. 

6. Mountain Hardwear Glacier Guide Down Parka

8.6/10 Our Score

Protection from brutal wind shear and icy temperatures is paramount and this Mountain Hardwear parka packs a punch. The exceptional insulation keeps gusts from creeping in and your core remains toasty at all times.

Prevent your fingers from going numb with the cozy handwarmers and wrap your head in the snug hood to protect your ears. No matter how ruthless the weather becomes, you’re in good hands with this sturdy winter parka.

7. North Face Resolve 2 Men’s Winter Jacket

9.6/10 Our Score

Flexibility and functionality are key when determining which winter jacket is right for you. This North Face product offers both and much more when exploring any wild terrain.

From tropical storm force winds to battering rainfall, the Resolve 2 makes the cut for reliability. The comfortable, long-lasting material provides everlasting relief when weathering the toughest snowstorm.

8. Men’s Canada Goose Expedition Winter Parka

8/10 Our Score

Winter in Canada was made for the tough and resilient!

The Canada Goose team knows what it takes to survive some of the harshest winters anywhere in the world. Their parka coat is a brilliant line of defense against the fiercest weather conditions you could possibly face.

Lining manufactured with fur, cotton and polyester ensures you stay warm while in the outdoors. The slim-fit hood and well-placed pockets efficiently trap heat to keep you protected at all times.

The coat offers tremendous flexibility with the unique ability to adjust the waist-bound drawstrings. Find the fit that snugly wraps around your figure and keep the cold at bay with this reputable Canada Goose winter parka.

9. North Face Gotham Jacket II

8.4/10 Our Score

This reliable North Face jacket has a snazzy appearance but includes all the protection you need for winter. Its snug fit locks out wind and snow to keep you warm during any escapade into the outdoors.

The flap runs all the way up the neck and the hood fits comfortably around your head. Large pockets on the front of the jacket provide a convenient place to store your items or keep your hands warm.