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American Airlines Paper Voucher: What You Need to Know

Let’s face it – air travel can be unpredictable at times. There are certain factors that can cause an inevitable delay, or worse, cancellation of your flight. That can prove to be a stressful situation for anyone.

Fortunately, with American Airlines, they can present you with paper vouchers for future travels with them. This saves you the hassle of jumping through hoops to get compensated or get a refund. Let’s talk about these vouchers and how to use them.

What Is an American Airlines Paper Voucher?

Whenever your flight gets cancelled, postponed, or something untoward occurs, American Airlines presents you a voucher. This can be either an electronic or a paper version.

Regardless of what version you get, this voucher may be used to cover for your flight expenses, specifically for your fare on any flight with an AA designation. Do note that it can’t be used for other non-flight products or extras like bags. You can redeem as much as eight of them per trip.

Of course, the voucher can only be used by the recipient. But while it is non-transferable, you can use it to book a travel for anyone.

Why Use a Paper Voucher Instead of an Electronic One?

It’s already the digital age, and electronic travel vouchers take little to no effort to carry with you. Plus, it’s what you use if you’d like to purchase a ticket online. So why pick a paper voucher?

For starters, eVouchers are issued to US customers only. That’s because whenever the eVoucher’s value is less than that of the flight ticket, the customer will have to pay for the difference using a debit or credit card associated with a US, Puerto Rico, or US Virgin Islands billing address. Otherwise, the transaction won’t push through.

Furthermore, a paper voucher is a bit more flexible than its electronic counterpart. You can redeem it for flights originating anywhere, for as long as you book the flight with any of American Airlines’ metal.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Voucher From American Airlines?

Once you decide to get a paper voucher, you may contact American Airlines on what to do. They’ll usually send you an email, which contains a form that you’ll need to fill up with relevant information. Send it back to them and wait for further instructions.

It usually takes two billing cycles, or eight weeks, for you to get the transportation vouchers. However, other customers reported that they received theirs in just two weeks. So don’t fret and just follow up when needed.

How to Use Your American Airlines Paper Voucher

Once you get your paper voucher, it’s time to redeem it. Do note that unlike electronic vouchers, which you can redeem via American Airlines’ site, it’s going to be an entirely different process for the paper version.

As soon as you’re ready, it’s recommended that you book a desired flight first. However, instead of paying, use AA’s “hold” option for the meantime. You now have a 24-hour reservation, and then you’ll receive a record locator number, which you’ll need for the next step.

After you get the necessary details, you may call AA’s reservation. Give the representative your record locator number. If you don’t have it or missed to perform the step above, you can go through the booking process with the agent and then ask the necessary details after.

While on the phone, make sure that you have a pen and paper handy as you’ll need to follow the instructions exactly as is mentioned. Chances are, you’ll be asked to redeem or validate the voucher via snail mail, but don’t worry as the agent will provide every detail that you need. If you do need to mail it in, pick a trackable method and keep the delivery proof with you.

If you followed the steps accordingly, everything should be good to go! The tickets should be with you around two days after the voucher has been validated.

Until When Can You Use Your Paper Travel Voucher?

You don’t necessarily have to use your American Airlines paper voucher as soon as you receive it. It would be wise though to take advantage of it sooner than later to avoid devaluation.

Either way, just be sure to use it a year after it has been issued, otherwise you won’t be reissued a replacement. Simply take note of the expiration date and just plan around it.

Final Thoughts

Using an American Airlines paper voucher should be easy enough, but feel free to contact them if you have questions, such as if there’s an age restriction to buy tickets using the vouchers. Other than that, you can always check their terms and conditions so you’re well-informed.

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