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Best Neoprene Socks for Hiking 2022

Neoprene socks are popular among people who hike, and for a good reason. Neoprene socks keep your feet warm and dry, and they can be more comfortable than other hiking shoes and socks. In this article, we have listed the ten best neoprene socks for hiking in 2021.

We will also discuss what neoprene is, why they are good for hiking, and what else you can use neoprene socks for. Finally, there are some commonly asked questions at the end about neoprene socks and how they can benefit you when hiking.

What is Neoprene?

Neoprene is a synthetic material that is similar to rubber or latex. It is commonly used for aquatic items such as wetsuits and face masks, both medical and for costumes. 

Neoprene is often used for socks and wetsuits that are meant to keep people warm and dry. Having socks that keep your feet warm and dry is great for water sports and hiking. The material stretches well, so it is easy to put on but fits tight enough to be effective without being uncomfortable.

Neoprene is great in many conditions, but it can be harmful if it gets too hot. If anything made of neoprene is burned or dried with heat, it will destroy the material and release harmful chemicals.

Why are Neoprene Socks Good for Hiking?

Neoprene socks are great for hiking, and many hikers choose to wear them for many reasons. First, neoprene socks are great for hiking in wet conditions because they are waterproof. If you are hiking in the rain, in snow, or on trails with puddles, you will be able to hike without worrying about having wet feet. 

When you wear neoprene socks on a hike, they will get wet even though they keep your feet dry. However, they are very quick to dry, usually taking a few hours or less. 

Next, they are great in any temperature, hot or cold. If you are hiking in neoprene socks in hot weather, the socks will protect your feet from the hot ground. They also protect your skin from getting sunburn without overheating your feet. 

In cold weather, they are good for retaining heat. But, if you are hiking in below-freezing temperatures, you will likely need more layers or a heavier pair of socks to keep your feet warm.

Finally, neoprene socks will protect your feet from any rough or uneven ground that you may hike on. The socks will keep the bottoms of your feet protected from rocks and sticks. Also, the tight fit of neoprene socks will help keep small rocks, dirt, and sand from getting in your socks and making your feet uncomfortable.

Other Uses for Neoprene Socks

Neoprene socks are used for more than just hiking. The other most common use for them is for water activities. Many people use neoprene socks to keep their feet dry when swimming, kayaking, or participating in any other water sports. 

Whether you are hiking or swimming, neoprene socks are great at protecting your feet when you are in natural waters. Neoprene socks will keep your feet safe from rocks, sticks, and anything else that you may encounter in the water.

Neoprene socks also commonly have grips on the bottom. The grips are useful for walking through water or on slippery surfaces like wet rocks. The grip on socks will prevent you from falling and allow you to safely walk along these surfaces.

You can learn more about what neoprene socks are used for here.

10 Best Neoprene Socks for Hiking

1. OMGear 3mm Neoprene Water Socks

8.8/10 Our Score

These socks are stretchy, durable, and they come in seven different shoe sizes that fit men or women. There is a low option that comes in nine different colors and will cover just above your ankles. The high option comes in gray or orange and will cover about a third of your calves. 

Both options have a strap at the top to tighten the socks around your leg, making it even harder for water and debris to get in your socks. The socks have anti-slip bottoms, so you can stay safe whether you wear them inside or outside the water.

2. COPOZZ 3mm Neoprene Diving Socks

8.8/10 Our Score

The COPOZZ diving socks come in ten different colors and designs in a variety of sizes. The socks will protect your feet when you are on the water, beach, or hike. The bottom of the socks has grips to keep you from falling on slippery surfaces such as rocks, boats, or paddleboards. 

The top of the socks has an elastic strap to keep the socks secured above your ankle. They will also keep your feet warm and dry when you are in the water.

3. Seavenger Zephyr 3mm Neoprene Socks

9/10 Our Score

The Seavenger socks are perfect if you want some low-cut neoprene socks. They will just barely cover your ankles, very similar to normal ankle socks. The sizes range from extra small to a triple- extra large, and there are fifteen colors to choose from.

Even though they are short, the socks will keep your feet warm since they hold your body heat. They have gripped bottoms to keep you from falling and are great for any activity where you need warm, dry feet.

4. NeopSkin Neoprene 3mm Socks

8.8/10 Our Score

The NeopSkin neoprene socks come in black and camo. Both colors are higher socks that will fully cover your ankles, and they are stretchy, so they go on and off easily. The socks will keep your feet warm whether you are in or out of the water. 

The bottoms are thin enough to let your feet move naturally, but they still have grips that will help you stand and walk on slippery surfaces. The socks are coated in a way that keeps them and your feet protected from rocks and sand. 


5. Skyone 3mm Neoprene Wetsuit Fin Booties

9/10 Our Score

These neoprene socks are very similar to a wetsuit in how they fit and feel. They are flexible, so you can move your feet comfortably but still durable enough to use on rocks. You can choose from three different colors ranging in size from extra, extra small to extra, extra large. 

The socks will cover your feet and ankles to keep them warm and dry when you are in the water. They are thin enough that you can wear other socks or shoes with them for extra warmth.

6. RTDEP 3MM Neoprene Diving Socks

8.8/10 Our Score

The RTDEP neoprene socks are made in black and blue and come in sizes ranging from small to a double extra large. They will fit men’s or women’s feet, and they are made to keep your feet warm, no matter what temperature it is outside or in the water. 

The socks are made of heavy-duty fabric, so they are not easy to rip, and they will protect your feet when you are walking on uneven ground, whether it is underwater or outside of the water. These socks have a 12-month warranty which is great if you will be using them a lot.

7. Skyone Neoprene Water Fin Socks

8.8/10 Our Score

These black neoprene socks will cover your feet and ankles, keeping them warm and dry when you wear them. The bottom has grips to keep you from slipping and to protect your feet and heels as you walk or swim. 

Unlike some of the other socks on this list, these have a glued seam instead of an elastic band at the top. Some people prefer one over the other, so if you do not want a tighter top, these will work great for you. They will still have a flexible fit that allows you to move freely but will still fit your feet to keep them protected. 

8. BPS 3mm High Cut Diving Socks

8.8/10 Our Score

These BPS Neoprene socks come in two styles: high cut and low cut. Each style comes in multiple sizes, between extra small and a triple extra large, and there are more than ten colors in each style. 

These socks come with an elastic strap at the top to keep the fit tight enough to keep out water but still comfortable enough that they allow you to move your feet naturally. The bottom of the socks have a grip to keep you from falling, and they have a tab on the back to help you take them off.

9. Dizokizo Wetsuit Neoprene Socks

8.6/10 Our Score

The Dizokizo neoprene socks are strapless, so you cannot tighten them at the top, but they are glued to fit your feet naturally. These black, unisex socks will keep your feet warm and dry when hiking, participating in water sports, or swimming.

The socks have a grip at the bottom to help you not slip, and the socks will cover your feet and ankles.

10. IREENUO 3mm Ultra Premium Neoprene Socks

8.6/10 Our Score

These black, unisex IREENUO come in sizes ranging from extra small to double extra large. There is a strap at the top, above your ankles, that you can use to tighten the fit of the socks. The socks will keep your feet dry and away from sand, rocks, or any other small items you encounter. 

When you are walking on hard surfaces, the socks will protect the soles of your feet, and the socks are made of high-quality materials that will prevent damage to them. The material will not bother your skin, and your feet will feel safe and comfortable in the socks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Neoprene Socks Warmer Than Wool?

Unless you are in water, neoprene socks are not warmer than wool. Wool socks are much better than neoprene socks at keeping your feet warm in cold temperatures. If you are hiking through water, neoprene socks will keep your feet dry and warm. 

If you think wool socks are better than neoprene for your hike, read our comparison of Darn Tough and Smartwool to see if one of these may be good for you. 

Does Neoprene Keep Feet Warm?

Yes, neoprene keeps your feet warm. The material is meant to keep your body heat in and close to your feet, whether the socks are wet or dry. As long as your socks are tight, especially at the top, they will keep your feet warm longer than other socks.

Can You Wear Neoprene Socks with Water Shoes?

Yes, you can wear neoprene socks with water shoes. However, it is not necessary to do so. If you have thicker neoprene socks, you may find it easier to hike without shoes on. Thin neoprene socks are the best kind to wear with water shoes, and the combination of the two can protect your feet even more.

Final Thoughts

Neoprene socks have many uses; one of the popular ones is for hiking. Whether you will be in wet weather or walking through rivers or puddles, neoprene socks will keep your feet dry and warm. The socks that we listed in this article are the best ones that you will find for hiking.

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