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Can you Bring a Bottle Opener on a Plane?

Bottle openers are not a common item to have in a suitcase, but sometimes you need to bring one with you on a plane. Or, maybe you want to bring home a souvenir bottle opener from your trip. But can you bring a bottle opener on a plane?

According to the TSA website, you can bring a bottle opener on a plane. They are allowed in your checked and carry-on bags, so you do not have to worry about packing them in a certain way. 

This article explains how you should pack bottle openers, whether or not they are allowed through airport security, and whether or not you can bring some other similar items like corkscrews on a plane. 

Are Bottle Openers Allowed Through Airport Security?

Bottle openers are allowed through airport security. You should not have issues with having a bottle opener in your carry-on bag when you go through security checkpoints. 

You can also bring your bottle opener in your purse, backpack, or pocket, as long as you put it through the x-ray machine when you get to the security checkpoint. 

If your bottle opener or something else in your bag sets off the x-ray machine, the security officers will have to search your bag, but you will be allowed to bring your bottle opener. 

How Should I Pack a Bottle Opener for Travel?

Packing bottle openers is easy, and you can pack them the same for carry-on and checked bags. There are no certain ways you have to pack your opener, and they can remain in your bag at the security checkpoint. 

Make sure you wrap up your bottle opener so that any sharp parts will not harm you when you open your bag. You should also wrap them up in case security needs to search your bag for any reason. 

If you are packing your bottle opener in your checked bag and you think you might need it at the airport or on the plane, make sure it is accessible. Otherwise, you will have to open and go through your whole bag to find it. 

For fragile bottle openers, make sure you wrap them in something soft, especially if you pack them in your checked bag, so if your bag moves around, your bottle opener will be safe. 

If you are worried about your bottle opener breaking or getting lost, you should bring it with you in your carry-on bag, so it is with you during the entire trip.

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Can I Bring a Corkscrew on a Plane?


Corkscrews, also called wine openers, are allowed on planes, but some corkscrews are only allowed in checked bags. There are two types of corkscrews, some with a blade and some without. 

If you have a corkscrew with a blade, you must pack it in your checked bag. When you go through the security checkpoint, it will be confiscated if you have it with you. The blades pose a safety risk, so they cannot be in the plane’s cabin with you.

The corkscrew will set off the X-ray machine, and you will have to go through extra screening while they search your bag for the object. This screening will take extra time, and you risk missing your flight, so make sure you do not have a corkscrew with a blade on you at the security checkpoint. 

For corkscrews without a blade, you can pack them in your carry-on or checked bag. Just be sure to wrap up any sharp parts of the corkscrew, so you and any security personnel who may need to check your bag do not get injured. 

With your corkscrew, you may be bringing a bottle of wine on a plane, but TSA has restrictions for wine on planes. 

Are Key Ring Bottle Openers Allowed on Planes?

Key ring bottle openers are allowed on planes like any other bottle opener. You can pack them in your carry-on or checked bag; just make sure they do not have sharp edges, like a blade. If you think they might not be allowed, pack them in your checked bag to be safe. 

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