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Can you Bring Candles on a Plane?

Candles make great gifts and souvenirs, which is why they are common things to want to bring on a plane. But can you bring candles on a plane?

You can bring candles on a plane, but there are different rules for gel and solid candles. 

According to the TSA website, you can bring solid candles on a plane in both your checked and carry-on bags. And, there is no limit to the number of solid candles you can bring as long as you meet the weight and size requirements set by the airline you are flying. 

If you have gel candles, you can only bring them in your carry-on bag if they are 3.4 ounces or less. Otherwise, they have to go in your checked bag since they do not meet the TSA liquid rule, which includes gels. There is no limit to the number of gel candles you can carry in a checked bag as long as the weight does not exceed the limits set by your airline. 

This article explains how to pack candles for travel, how to bring candles through airport security, and what limits there are to the number of candles you can bring on a plane if any. Then we explain whether or not soy candles and glass candles are allowed on planes. 

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How to Pack Candles for Plane Travel

Candles are pretty easy to pack for plane travel since most are not breakable. You leave them in the box you got them in, or throw them in a bag and put them in your bag like that. 

If you have taper candles, you should keep them in a box and make sure they are not packed too tightly. Otherwise, they might snap since they are so skinny. 

If you keep a lighter with your candles, make sure you follow TSA guidelines since different types of lighters can only go in certain types of bags. Disposable and lithium battery-powered lighters need to go in carry-on bags. Most other lighters are not allowed on planes at all. 

If you have a breakable candle or candle holder, you may want to bring it with you on the plane as your personal or carry-on item depending on the size. That way, you can keep it with you and make sure it’s safe during your entire trip. 

And, try not to wrap up candles too much in case TSA needs to inspect them closer. You should still wrap any breakable candles up in something soft, but don’t gift wrap your candles since the TSA will open them if necessary. 

Can you Bring Candles Through Airport Security?

Yes, you can bring candles through airport security. All types of candles can go in your checked bags, but there are some restrictions for carry-on bags. 

If you have gel candles, make sure they are under 3.4 ounces; otherwise, they will get confiscated. Even if you have gel candles under 3.4 ounces, the officers at airport security may inspect them before letting you pass through. 

All types and sizes of solid candles can go in carry-on bags through the security checkpoint. But, if you have lots of candles, your bag may be subject to extra screening. 

How Many Candles Can You Bring on a Plane?

The number of candles you can bring on a plane varies for solid and gel candles because you need to follow the liquid limits for gel candles. But, you can bring as many solid candles as you can fit in your bag. 

When you pack gel candles in a carry-on bag, the size and quantity of them need to follow the TSA liquid rule:

You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams, and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item.

So only the gel candles you can fit in a quart-sized bag are allowed in your carry-on bag, so any more than this has to go in a checked bag.

The liquid rule only applies to carry-on bags, so there is no limit to the number of gel or solid candles you can bring in your checked bags. You just need to make sure your bag does not exceed the weight or size limits set by airlines. 

You also need to follow the size limits when you pack solid candles in your carry-on bag. Most airlines allow carry-on bags to be 9” x 14” x 22”.  

So, you can pack as many solid candles as you can fit in a carry-on bag. Just be sure to verify the carry-on bag rules with your airline before you fly.

And while there is no weight limit for carry-on bags, you do have to be able to carry your bag around the airport, and you need to lift it into the overhead compartment yourself. So, if your candles are too heavy for you to carry or lift, try splitting them into separate bags or putting them in a checked bag. 

Are you Allowed to Fly with Soy Candles?

organic soy candle

Soy candles are solid, so you can fly with them. You just need to follow the same restrictions as solid candles when you pack them. 

Make sure a checked bag with soy candles does not exceed 50 pounds, or whatever your limit is for luggage weight, which varies by airline. 

And, if you pack soy candles in a carry-on bag, make sure they are in a bag that does not exceed the size limits, which vary by airline. 

Another common candle-related item people ask about bringing on a plane is wax warmers. You can learn more about bringing wax warmers on a plane here.

Are Glass Candles Allowed on Planes?

Yes, glass candles are allowed on planes. The TSA allows glass in carry-on and checked bags. You still need to follow all the rules we have explained previously when bringing solid and gel candles, whether they are glass or not. 

If you have glass candles, make sure you pack them well. You should wrap them up in tissue paper, clothes, or something else soft that will protect them in your bag. And, packing them in your carry-on bag is best when possible so you can have your bag and your candles with you the entire time. 

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