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Can I Bring a Wax Warmer on a Plane?

Wax warmers are a great alternative to candles when you want to make a room smell good. And while it is not common, sometimes you may need or want to bring a wax warmer on a plane. So can you bring a wax warmer on a plane?

Yes, you can bring a wax warmer on a plane. However, there are different rules depending on if you have a battery-operated wax warmer or an electric one. 

Battery-operated wax warmers depend on what kind of batteries you have. Most battery-operated wax warmers have dry batteries which can go in carry-on and checked bags on planes with no restrictions. But, there are limits if your wax warmer has a lithium battery, which we will explain later in this article. 

Electric wax warmers do not follow any specific rules like battery-operated ones do. If you are traveling internationally with an electric wax warmer, remember that you might need a plug adapter depending on where you are traveling to. 

How to Pack a Wax Warmer for Plane Travel?

The best way to pack a wax warmer for travel is to put it in a box, like the one it came in, then put it in your bag. Even if you do not have the box it came in, you can still put it in a box of a similar size and stuff it with tissue paper or newspaper to keep it secure. 

If you are worried about your wax warmer getting damaged on your flight, you should pack it in your carry-on bag. That way, you can keep it with you the whole time and make sure it does not get thrown around. 

You should wrap your wax warmer to keep it safe from breaking and scratches during the flight, but do not gift wrap it or wrap it in any way that cannot be rewrapped. Sometimes the TSA will have to inspect your bag or items, and they will have to unwrap your wax warmer if necessary. 

For electric wax warmers with a cord, wrap up the cord well, so it does not get frayed or tangled up with any other cords in your bag. You should also wrap the plug part with something to protect it from bending or breaking and from scratching other items in your bag. 

And, if you have a battery-operated wax warmer, you probably want to bring extra batteries for it, unless you can buy some at your destination if necessary. 

Are Wax Melts Allowed on a Plane?

Yes, wax melts are allowed on a plane. They are solid items and follow the same rules as solid candles. 

You can pack them in a carry-on bag or a checked bag, and the only limits you face are the standard weight and size limits set by your airline. 

Can I Bring Candles in my Travel Bag?

In addition to wax warmers, you can bring candles on a plane. And candles, both solid and gel, are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage. To learn more, check out our article on how to bring candles on a plane here

Can I Bring a Battery Operated Wax Warmer?

Yes, you can bring a battery-operated wax warmer on a plane, but how you can pack it depends on what kind of battery it has. 

The TSA allows standard dry batteries (AA, AAA, C, or D) to be packed in carry-on and checked bags with no limits or restrictions. Most battery-operated wax warmers use these kinds of batteries, so you should not have to worry too much. 

But, if there is a lithium battery in your wax warmer, you need to follow some additional rules set by the TSA. Lithium batteries are only allowed in carry-on bags. 

Spare (uninstalled) lithium ion and lithium metal batteries, including power banks and cell phone battery charging cases, must be carried in carry-on baggage only. Lithium metal (non-rechargeable) batteries are limited to 2 grams of lithium per battery. Lithium ion (rechargeable) batteries are limited to a rating of 100 watt hours (Wh) per battery. These limits allow for nearly all types of lithium batteries used by the average person in their electronic devices.

If you accidentally pack a wax warmer with a lithium battery in your checked bag, the TSA will confiscate it during the security check. They cannot allow it on the plane since it poses a safety risk to everyone on the plane if it is in the cargo area. 

Traveling with batteries, rechargeable batteries, and even phones can be confusing. You can learn more about bringing phones and rechargeable batteries on a plane here.

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