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Can You Bring Flowers on a Plane?

Bringing flowers on a plane can be a confusing process. Not only do you need to figure out how to pack them without damaging them, but you also need to make sure that the airlines and customs agencies will allow you to bring them on a plane.

In general, you can bring flowers on a domestic flight with no issues. You just need to make sure that the airline will allow you to take them on the plane if you will be carrying them on. They will count as a personal item or a carry-on item, depending on the size of the flowers. Here is what @AskTSA has to say about flowers:

If you are flying internationally, you need to make sure that the country you are flying into will allow you to bring your flowers in. Many countries restrict certain species of plants, and you will need to present your flowers at customs as you arrive.

This article will explain how to bring flowers through airport security, how to pack flowers for travel, and when you can bring flowers on an international flight.

Are Flowers Allowed through Airport Security?

Yes, flowers are allowed through airport security in both checked bags and carry-on bags. According to the TSA Website:

Fresh flowers are allowed through the checkpoint without water.

You must pack your flowers without water for a few reasons. First, your checked bags can’t have flowers with water because they can leak and create a mess inside your bag or the plane. Water would also make your checked bag heavier, which could cost you more money due to baggage weight limits. 

As for carry-on bags and other items going through security, TSA does not allow liquids over 3.4 ounces through the security checkpoint, so you will need to skip the water with your flowers for that reason. 

If your flowers are coming with you on the plane and need to be placed in water, you can do so after passing through security. Otherwise, they will need to be without water until you arrive at your destination.

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How to Pack Flowers for Travel

When you bring flowers on a plane, how you pack them will depend on the size and delicacy of the flowers or the bouquet. 

If you only have a few flowers, you can put them in one of your bags and wrap them with some soft clothing or towels. 

For delicate flowers that you want to put in a bag, you are better off placing them in a carry-on bag instead of a checked bag. You can be careful with your carry-on for the entire trip, but a checked bag might be handled rougher.

As for larger flowers and bouquets, you are better off bringing them as your personal item or carry-on item. You will be able to take care of your flowers for your entire trip. Remember not to put the flowers in water before you go through security. 

When you board the plane, your flowers will count as your personal item or your carry-on item, depending on the size. Each airline has different rules about bag and item sizes, so check with your airline before you arrive, so you know that you will be allowed to carry them on. 

If you know that you are bringing flowers home with you on a trip and you want to pack them in a checked bag, you may want to bring an empty bag on the way there for your flowers. Learn more about bringing an empty suitcase on a plane.

Can you Bring Flowers on an International Flight?

Bringing flowers on an international flight will depend on the country that you are flying into. Every country has different requirements and restrictions about bringing flowers into them, so you will need to check with the government.

We have listed the rules for some common countries, so you know their flower rules. Make sure to verify the information with the airline that you fly with and the government website for the country that you are flying to.

New Zealand: You must declare flowers when you go through customs. They are subject to inspection, and they will need to be approved before you can bring them into the country. (Source: NZ Government)

UK: You need a permit to bring any kind of plants into the UK, including flowers. (Source: UK Government)

Australia: You can bring flowers into Australia on a flight, and you must declare your flowers when you go through customs. You also must limit your flowers to a maximum of six of the following: small boxes, florist packages, bouquets.

The government has the right to search your flowers, and they may have to test and treat the flowers if any pests are found. (Source: Australia Government)

Canada: You can bring cut flowers into Canada, similar to the rules in the United States. They can be inspected when you go through customs, and they need to be free of pests. (Source: Canada Government)

Layovers with Flowers

When traveling internationally, you also need to consider any countries that you may have a layover in. If you have a layover in a country other than your departure country or destination, you may need to go through customs in that country as well. If that is the case, you will need to clear your flowers with that country too.

Final Thoughts

When flying within the country, you will have no issues flying with flowers as long as you meet airline requirements for baggage limits. When you fly into a different country, you should always check with that country to determine whether or not you can bring flowers with you. In general, you just need to claim the flowers when you arrive at customs, and the security officers will check them before you are cleared to bring them into the country.

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