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Scott’s Cheap Flights vs. Secret Flying

So many people love to travel, and what’s even better is cheap travel. Today, there are many cheap flight services online that help you save money on airline tickets. Two of those services are Scott’s Cheap Flights and Secret Flying. 

Both services have their benefits and disadvantages and in this article, we will explain what each one is, how they are different, and why we recommend Scott’s Cheap Flights over Secret Flying.

What is Scott’s Cheap Flights?

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Scott’s Cheap Flights, or SCF, is a cheap flight alert service that sends deals and mistake fares to your email. After you create an account, you can choose your departure airports where you want deals. Then you will get an email with a deal whenever there is one that includes your airport.

There are three membership options: free, premium, and elite. You can choose departure airports with the free membership, and you will get some amazing international flights.

With premium, you get five times more flights than free members, you can choose more departure airports, and you get deals for domestic flights within the United States. Your deal alerts will also include mistake fares which can be as high as ninety percent cheaper than normal fare prices.

The third membership type is elite. This membership has all the benefits of premium, plus deals for premium economy, business class, and first class tickets. You can see deals as good as ninety percent off these fares, in addition to the standard economy fares.

With elite, you will get mistake fares from all airports, and you can turn on or off alerts for certain deals or departure airports.

We have a full review of Scott’s Cheap Flights if you want to learn more about the service.

What is Secret Flying?

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Secret Flying is another cheap flight deal service. Instead of sending emails, they have an app that you can download for cheap flight alerts. 

If you want to use the app, you must sign up for a free Secret Flying membership. They only offer one membership and it is free.

After you sign up, you can set up notifications on your phone for the departure airports that you want to receive deal alerts for. As soon as they have a deal from one of your selected airports, you will get a notification. 

Secret Flying also lists their deals on their website. You can find their current deals from any departure airport, and you do not need to sign up for a membership to see them. Check out our full review of Secret Flying here.

How do the two services differ?

First, Secret Flying does not send you email alerts, so you will need to check their website for the latest deals or download their app and set up notifications. You can choose which departure airports you want to fly out of on the app, so you only get relevant deals. You can sign up for their daily newsletter, but it is not customized to your departure airports. 

Another difference is that Secret Flying only has one free membership instead of the one free and two paid memberships that Scott’s Cheap Flights offers. All members on Secret receive the same deals, but the paid memberships on Scott’s receive their best deals.

Scott’s Cheap Flights does not make money off of each deal that they send you. They make money solely off of their premium and elite memberships. On the other hand, Secret Flying does make money off each deal that you end up booking from them. 

SCF currently only sends deals for flights departing from airports in the United States. Secret has departure airports from all over the world to places all over the world. 

This difference is the one way that Secret is better than Scott’s. If you live outside of the United States, you will not find much use, if any, from signing up for SCF. Secret will be a better choice since you can find departure airports outside of the US.

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Why is Scott’s Cheap Flights Better?

As far as cheap flight services go, Scott’s Cheap Flights has many advantages over Secret Flying that make it a better service.

First, the difference between their profit methods can be seen in their flight deal quality. Scott’s Cheap Flights sends better quality flight deals since they do not make money off any flights. Their flight deals do not have long layovers, multiple stops, and they are not budget airlines. 

On the other hand, Secret Flying will send any cheap deals relative to the usual price, even if they have bad layovers or an excessive number of stops. They send more deals of a lower quality because they send any deals they can find in case they can make money off of them. 

Their difference in memberships can also affect the quality of flights that they send their members. Scott’s is sending their best flight deals to their paying members, so if you want the cheapest flight deals to the best places, you can pay for them. If you are fine with fewer deals that can still save you money, you can stay with a free membership.

Finally, Scott’s Cheap Flights is much more user-friendly than Secret Flying. Scott’s website, where you view the deals from your email, has a simple design, and everything is easy to see on both mobile and desktop. Secret has many ads, and the website is hard to navigate if you prefer it for finding your flight deals.

The SCF website also has many resources that you can use to learn more about finding cheap flights and travel guides for airlines, airports, and more that will help you become a savvier traveler.

Final Thoughts

Scott’s Cheap Flights is better than Secret Flying because of its membership options, deal quality, and website useability. The one situation where you would choose Secret over SCF is if you are outside of the United States. Otherwise, Scott’s Cheap Flights for your cheap flight alerts and deals is an obvious choice.

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