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Can You Dip on a Plane?

Habits are something that all of us have, regardless of if it’s something like cracking your joints or smoking. We can discuss if those habits are bad or not, but that’s not why we’re here today.

There are tons of habits, and a portion of those revolve around the dip. Tobacco lovers know that a dip is a very moist shredded tobacco that people put between their gums and teeth. It’s a smokeless approach, and some people practice it in enclosed places where smoking is not allowed.

One of the areas where smoking isn’t allowed is on a plane, so people find alternatives, one of which is tobacco dip. With that said: can you dip on a plane? Well, it depends on the airline and the policies it has.

Take Delta Airlines, for example. The company claims that any kind of usage of tobacco products on its flights is prohibited. Here is a direct quote:

“…Delta prohibits the use of smokeless cigarettes and all tobacco products on all Delta flights.”

JetBlue, on the other hand, takes a different approach. Even though it doesn’t state anything in its policy, in a Twitter conversation, the company claimed that it’s not a safety hazard, so it’s allowed.

It’s a similar story with Southwest Airlines, where chewing tobacco is permitted. Even though this is another older piece of information gotten from Twitter, the company’s policy section doesn’t mention anything related to it.

So you might be thinking: why does each airline have different policies? The main reason is that TSA has no policy in terms of the actual activity of dipping, so airlines are free to make their own choices.

How to Pack Dip for Travel

The first thing to consider when packing your dip for traveling is if you plan on using it during the flight or not. Like I mentioned previously, this depends on the airline, so double-check with them before you decide where and how to pack it.

Let’s say that you will be flying with an airline where the dip is allowed, a situation in which you’ll need to keep the tobacco at hand. If you ever used it, you’ll know that it gets packed in small containers in the form of a hockey puck. These can be carried in a backpack or even your pocket.

Prepare the tobacco, place it in the container and make sure to tighten it to avoid it from opening accidentally. In terms of carrying it, I’d recommend keeping it at hand with a bag or a separate container for spitting. If you want to avoid carrying things in your pockets, then put the dip container in the carry-on luggage, preferably in some of the smaller pockets or on top in the large compartment. The main reason for this is to have it at hand for when you need it.

On the other hand, if you’re not planning on using tobacco, you won’t have to worry about where you put it, as long as it’s closed properly. In these conditions, you can even put it in the checked baggage if you have it and unpack it when you arrive at your destination.

Can you Bring Chewing Tobacco Through Airport Security?

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that TSA doesn’t have a policy on tobacco on a plane, which is true. On the other hand, there is a policy when it comes to carrying it through the checkpoint.

As it states on TSA’s website, you are allowed to bring tobacco in the carry-on and checked bags, meaning that you shouldn’t have any problems. With that said, the final decision comes from the TSA officer at the security checkpoint, meaning that there is a chance that your tobacco may get confiscated. Keep in mind that this is for local flights in the US.

When you travel to a different country, you may pass the security checkpoint in the US, but you may get checked at the customs of the country you’re flying to.

Are Other Types of Tobacco Allowed on a Plane?

Technically, the answer to this question is answered in the previous section. TSA says that you can carry tobacco on-board in the carry-on baggage, and it doesn’t specify about the type. As a result, any kind of tobacco is allowed, regardless of if it’s in a bag or in cigarettes. With that said, there are some limitations, especially when it comes to how many cartons of cigarettes you can take on a plane.

Can a Minor Carry Tobacco on a Plane?

The TSA has no policy when it comes to age limitations and carrying tobacco. As a result, even minors can go through security with tobacco in their possession and have no problems in terms of their age. One thing to note is that it’s illegal for minors to possess tobacco in some countries, so it’s something to keep in mind when choosing a destination.

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