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Can you Take Advil on a Plane?

Advil is one of the items that you must have when you travel. You never know when you might need some, and it could be hard to find when you are traveling, especially if you are in a rural area or a different country. 

But can you take Advil on a plane?

According to the TSA website, you can bring pill medication, including Advil, in both your carry-on and checked bags. However, just because you can pack it in either bag, it is highly recommended that you take your Advil and other medications on the plane in case you need them in the air. 

You can also bring liquid pills, like liqui-gels, in your checked and carry bags. While there are liquid rules for packing your carry-on bag, the rule does not apply to liquid medicine.

AskTSA on Twitter explains what the rules are for bringing liquid pills on a plane:

Medications in liquid filled gel caps are allowed in carry-on bags and don’t need to comply with our liquids rule.

This article details how to pack Advil for travel and whether or not you can pack Advil in a pill organizer. Then, we explain how to take pills through security, including if you have to take them out or not and if airports search pill bottles. 

How to Pack Advil for Travel

As we mentioned above, you can pack your Advil in your carry-on bag or your checked bag, but you should pack it in your carry-on bag whenever possible. 

When you pack your Advil or any other medicine in your checked bag, you will not have access to it during the entire flight and your time at the airport. Not having your medicine can be problematic if something happens and you need it.

So, to prevent this from happening, you should keep your Advil with you when you fly. Even if you are not bringing a carry-on bag on a flight, you can pack Advil in a small bag like a backpack, purse, or even in your pocket. 

If you want, you can pack Advil in a checked bag. Sometimes it makes sense to do this if you have a little bit of Advil in your carry-on bag, then a larger container in your checked bag. 

Make sure your Advil is in a sealed container, so it does not spill in your bag. Remember that there is always a small chance that your checked bag gets lost, so keep some Advil with you when you fly in case this happens. 

But, sometimes, you do not want to bring a whole bottle of Advil on a plane, especially if you only have a large bottle of it. In this case, you are allowed to put your Advil in a smaller container like a pill case. 

In the next section, we explain more about bringing Advil in a pill organizer. 

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Can I Pack my Advil in a Pill Organizer?

Unless you have a small, travel-size bottle, it is often easier to pack your Advil in a pill organizer. 

The TSA states the following regarding pill organizers:

TSA does not require passengers to have medications in prescription bottles, but states have individual laws regarding the labeling of prescription medication with which passengers need to comply.

Since Advil is not a prescription medication, you do not need to worry about any rules from either TSA or state laws that require them to be labeled. You can pack them into any small container to hold and transport them. 

Packing your Advil in a pill organizer is also more convenient if you have other medications you need to pack. You can put them all in a pill organizer instead of having a separate bottle for each one.

Do Airports Search Pill Bottles?

Airports will not search your pill bottles. As discussed, pills such as Advil, Tylenol, or even Xanax, are allowed on planes, and you do not need to keep them in their original containers. 

However, your pills still need to go through the X-ray machine at the security checkpoint. They go through a machine, whether in your carry-on bag or your checked bag. 

The only time airports will search your pill bottles is if the local law enforcement officers have reason to suspect that you have illegal drugs on you. 

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Do you Have to Take Pills out at Airport Security?

You do not have to remove your pills at airport security. You can leave them in your carry-on bag, purse, or other bags. 

The TSA states the following, which confirms you do not need to remove any pills from your bag:

It is not necessary to present your medication to, or notify an officer about any medication you are traveling with.

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