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Do Hotels Charge for an Extra Person?

Always know the hotel’s policy on bringing extra guests. Nothing spoils a great hotel stay upon finding out you need to pay for a non-registered guest staying in your room.

Most hotels accommodate additional guests if it is requested. It can be a non-issue if the guest will hang out for a few hours. But staying overnight is a different matter altogether.

Hotels can charge an additional fee for the extra person if it exceeds the number of occupants paid upon booking. Check how much the additional charge in advance as extra-person fees differ from hotel to hotel.

How to Find Out if a Hotel Charges for an Extra Person

Knowledge of hotel policy on extra person helps avoid issues regarding your stay. There are ways to find out about the policy:

Check With the Hotel

Call the hotel’s concierge or reservations to get accurate information on the extra guest’s policy. The hotel personnel can let you know how many people are allowed with the room rate. 

You can find out as well the additional person fee. This fee may include an extra bed or a free breakfast. 

In addition, most hotels allow kids under 10 to stay in the room for free. The hotel will have an extra adult or child rate for older kids and additional adults staying in the same room.

Book a Room

Booking a room is done through the hotel’s website or booking sites. Here, you will find out the room availability, room rates and extra person charge. 

The room rate corresponds to the number of occupants allowed per room. Some rooms can accommodate more people but with additional rate per person. 

However, hotels may not allow additional person in the room too. Instead, you may need to book another room for the extra person.

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Do You Pay per Person or Room in the Hotel?

You might be wondering how hotel charges their guests. Different pricing strategies are employed by hotels. 

Per Room 

The room rate for most hotels is on a per-room basis. Even if you are checking in alone, the rate is pegged at two guests.

Hotels do not mind another person as they prepare amenities good for two people anyway. They give out two sets of keys. The rooms also come with two towels, bathrobes, and hotel slippers. 

However, hotels will charge an extra person rate if the number of people exceeds the double occupancy policy. 

Occupancy Rate

Hotels offer a single, double, or triple occupancy rate. Other rooms are big enough to accommodate up to 6 guests. The rates are adjusted then to the number of occupants. 

For example, adjusting the rates for a quadruple occupancy gives the hotel wiggle room to cover the cost of providing amenities and resources to all the room guests. 

Giving options on the total number of occupants allow guests to choose which room is best for them to stay in and be comfortable. 

Should You Beat the Hotel’s Maximum Occupancy Policy?

Hotels follow the maximum occupancy per room based on hotel policies and government fire regulations.

“Maximum Occupancy is the maximum amount of guests that can stay in a room. For example, if a room has a single bed and a double bed, then the maximum amount of people that can stay in the room is 3, and so 3 is the Maximum Occupancy of the room.”

Don’t think the hotel will not know you have an extra person in the room. The staff keeps monitors the guests to ensure safety and efficient services.

The total occupants per floor is known to housekeeping at any given time. Asking also for extra pillows, blankets or towels makes housekeeping suspicious that you have more people staying than you declared. 

The noise level in your room is a giveaway too on the number of people inside. Other guests complaining about the noise level can lead to hotel staff asking your guests to leave or worst, kicking you out. 

Behave while on the hotel premises as well.  You or your guests should not cause any damage to the property. Do not loiter too so you won’t catch the attention of the hotel staff. 

Most importantly, limit your guest to one person only. More people in the room increase the chances of you getting charged for an extra person rate. 

Why Do Hotels Charge for an Extra Person?

Bringing an extra person to your hotel room means it will share the hotel’s resources as well. Hotels keep track of internet usage as well as water and electricity. More guests in the room can throw off the usage data and allocation of resources.

Extra persons in the room can have an increased used of toiletries as well. So hotels spend more with non-registered or non-paying guests. 

Safety is also a consideration. Hotels follow building codes in terms of fire hazards. A room size corresponds to an allowable number of occupants. Rooms having more than the maximum capacity can be a fire hazard. 

The report of the National Fire Protection Association shows:

“U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 3,520 structure fires in hotels and motels each year, which represents 1% of all structure fires. These fires resulted in annual losses of 9 civilian deaths, 120 civilian injuries, and $84 million in direct property damage.”

As a hotel guest, it is best, to be honest about the number of people with you. Upon reservation, declare the number of people with you so the hotel can adjust the rates accordingly.  

Ask for the occupancy policy when booking a hotel room to avoid additional charges and surprises when you confirm your bill upon checkout. 

Also, consider the comfort of everyone staying in the room. More people means a jampacked room using one bathroom and sharing all the resources in the room. 

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