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Do Hotels Provide Laundry Detergent?

Traveling for a long span of time is good for the soul, but it has a drawback – a pile of dirty clothes. While you can pack enough for the entire getaway, it may be more practical to just do a bit of laundry and travel light. The question is, do hotels provide detergent?

Unfortunately, majority of hotels do not, and most don’t even allow washing of clothes in bathrooms. For those that provide detergent, they only give so little, which would suffice for very few pieces of clothes.

Why Do Most Hotels Not Provide Laundry Detergent?

Most hotels don’t provide laundry detergents to guests because they are trying to maintain an atmosphere of luxury. Could you just imagine Holiday Inn, for example, filled with clothes in their balconies?

Furthermore, they are trying to prevent situations where housekeeping would have a hard time cleaning the bathroom. Water and soap suds would be everywhere, adding to the staff’s workload and making it challenging to maintain an elegant feel for their guests.

Lastly, some offer laundry service instead of giving you detergent to wash your own clothes. For example, The Plaza New York has same-day dry-cleaning and laundry services. Do note that this comes with a separate charge, which you should see the rates for in your closet along with the laundry bags provided.

How to Find Hotels with Laundry Service

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If you wish to know which hotels offer laundry service, you may do a quick Google Search. Just type “hotels with laundry service near me”, and it should show a list of establishments for you to choose from.

A more targeted option would be to check sites like Airbnb, as those listed are more likely to have that service. It will also help you filter further, whether it be budget or other amenities like pools and generators that you wish to have for your accommodation.

Perhaps the most foolproof way is to ask the hotel directly. Contact the establishment that you’re considering and ask about their services, as well as if they have existing policies related to washing clothes. This would give you a more definitive information, and you may decide to book right then and there.

Other Options to Doing Laundry When Traveling

While not all hotels may not offer you detergent, some may allow you to handwash in your room, provided it’s just for a few small pieces. In that case, make sure to bring your own detergent, stopper, and clothesline. Just be sure to tidy up after and try not to waste too much water.

If the hotel doesn’t allow handwashing your clothes in your room, and neither do they have an in-house laundry service, you can try looking for a laundromat. Laundromats are self-service establishments that let you to use their washing machines and dryers for a fee. The great thing about it is that the quantity of clothes shouldn’t be an issue, as you’ll just have to load several times if needed.

Another option is to locate a nearby laundry service outside the hotel. This is ideal for people who are busy and can’t be bothered to do the laundry themselves. You can drop your clothes off and then either pick them up once done or have them delivered.

Final Thoughts

Most hotels don’t give laundry detergents to their guests to maintain the luxurious atmosphere, but it would be advisable to ask and be sure. Inquire if they offer in-house laundry services, or if they have policies about handwashing, as well as other relevant things to your stay, such as checking our early.

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