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Matt’s Flights Review – Is it Legit?

Matt’s Flights is a legitimate online flight tracking service that will send you alerts via email for cheap flights. All the deals that Matt sends are real flights, and you can sign up for a membership to get deals for your departure airport. Below we will discuss how the service works, the different membership options, and other alternatives to Matt’s Flights. 

What is Matt’s Flights?

Everyone loves to travel, and even better, travel for cheap. However, not everyone can constantly search for the best deals on flights. Bring in, Matt.

Matt is a seasoned traveler who has traveled around the world and the United States flying on discounted flights. He created the service Matt’s Flights to help other travelers find cheap flights of their own. 

Matt searches for and shares hundreds of discounted flights with his subscribers so everyone can travel on a budget. He searches for departures in the United States and Canada to places all over the world and on many airlines, so there are many deals to be shared.

How does it work?

Prices for flights are constantly changing. Airlines have hundreds of flights per day departing and landing all over the world. When they price their flights, they look at demand, destination, stops times, and many other factors. 

But, sometimes, they drop a flight price way below the normal prices. When a fare decreases drastically, it is called a mistake fare since the dramatic decrease is rarely purposefully done by the airline. The low prices can last for a few hours or even a few days, so they may be hard to find. 

When you sign up for Matt’s Flights, Matt will do all the work of finding cheap flights for you. You give him your email address, and every time he finds a discounted fare, you get an email from him alerting you of the deal.

With Matt’s Flights, you will receive alerts for departure airports in the United States and Canada with destinations all over the world. If you have a specific destination in mind, you can email Matt, and he will focus on that destination for you.

You can also let him know if you are interested in a specific airport or airline, and he can focus on those as well. If you do not see your departure airport, let him know so he can start tracking flights from there. Even if you request specific places and airlines, he will still send others, so you do not miss out on anything.

Difference Between the Free and Premium Subscription

Matt’s Flights has two different subscriptions: free and premium. Both will get you cheap flights right to your inbox, but what is the difference?

You put your email address on the website with the free subscription, and Matt will send you cheap flights. It is as simple as that. But, you will not be able to choose a specific departure airport, and you do not get as many deals as premium subscribers. 

As for the premium subscription, it currently costs $97 per year with a free fourteen-day trial when you first sign up. With premium, you will be sent every cheap flight that Matt finds. You can set your home airport or region, so you get the most relevant flights for you.

With premium, Matt will also help you with one-on-one flight and travel planning. If you have a trip you are trying to plan, Matt will send you the cheapest flights based on your date and destination. He can also help you plan out other parts of your trip so you can have a cheap trip all around.

The best fares and flights get sent to premium members right away, and they receive up to five times more flights than free members. If you have a specific airline, destination, or dates that you are looking to travel, you can let Matt know, and he will keep those requests in mind as he searches.

Is Matt’s Flights Legit?

Matt’s Flights is a trustworthy service that will send you real flights and fares. If you do not have time on your hands to find cheap flights, Matt will do the work for you. You get an email from Matt, and if you like the deal, you can buy a ticket. 

You will need to act fast since many of these fares only last a day or two if that. There is also no guarantee that airlines will honor these prices. The airlines can cancel your ticket at any time, and they occasionally do when there are tickets sold with a mistake fare.

Matt’s Flights does not guarantee anything regarding your flights; all he does is send you the deals. If your flight is changed or canceled after you book a deal on Matt’s Flights, he is not liable for any changes.

You can find these fares on your own by using airline websites or other free flight search websites. These are not exclusive offers for members of the site, and anyone can find these flights on their own if you have the time and look at the right dates and destinations.

Other Flight Alert Services Worth Considering

Matt’s Flights is not the only cheap flight alert service on the internet. Other flight alerts sites may be better for you if you want a cheaper premium service, different departure airports, or if you want to follow multiple services for the ultimate amount of cheap flights.

Scott’s Cheap Flights 

A popular website for cheap flights is Scott’s Cheap Flights. Scott has a team of flight experts who search for the cheapest flights to send his subscribers. The flights are not only cheap, but they are never too long, and they do not have crazy-long layovers. 

Like Matt’s Flights, Scott has a free service and a premium service where premium members get the best deals and more deals than free members. This service costs $49 per year for premium members. However, Scott’s Cheap Flights allows all members to set their departure airports, unlike Matt’s Flights, where only premium members can set theirs.

Scott’s Cheap Flights focuses on only the United States-based airports as of now, with destinations all over the world, including domestic flights.

Cheap Flight Alerts

Another flight alert service is Cheap Flight Alerts which works very similar to Scott’s Cheap Flights. You enter your email, your departure airports, and even the airlines you prefer to fly to. The site will then send you alerts when there are cheap flights that match your preferences. 

Cheap flight alerts will let you set your departure airport from anywhere in the United States and Europe. The cost for premium is $49 per year or $5 per month. Premium subscribers will get between seventy and one hundred and fifty alerts per month on average, depending on the departure airport. 

Set Your Own Flight Alerts

If you have a specific destination or dates in mind, other flight services allow you to set your own flight alerts to track price changes for free. Setting your own alerts is better than the flight alert services if you prefer to pick your dates and destinations with no flexibility.

Google Flights

If you are looking for specific flights, meaning you have dates and a destination in mind, you can log into your Google Account and set a flight alert. Google Flights is best if you have a trip in mind that you are ready to plan. As soon as flight prices drop, you will know, and you can book your flights.


If you do not have a specific place in mind, and maybe not dates either, you can look for flights on Skyscanner. You can search for specific destinations, or you can search “everywhere” to find the cheapest flights from your departure airport. You can also choose specific dates, a specific month, or even the cheapest month. 

Once you pick a destination and dates or a month, you can set flight alerts on Skyscanner. This way of finding cheap flights is great if you do not have specific places or dates in mind, but you want to plan a trip to somewhere with cheap flights.

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Final Thoughts

Matt’s flights is a reliable service that alerts you when there are discounted flights available. All the flights and prices are real, but you often need to be flexible with your dates and destination. There are other flight alert services available if you find that Matt’s Flights is not for you, and the free and premium services on the websites all offer something different.

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