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TIJ VS TJX Airport: What’s the Difference?

If you’re somewhere in California and then decide to take a sunny vacation off in Mexico, chances are you’ve encountered the airport codes “TIJ” and “TJX”. And it’s easy to get confused with these two, as they are very similar! So, what separates one from the other?

To give a short answer, the only difference is that TJX already includes CBX fees, while TIJ doesn’t. We’ll explain further in this article.

What Do TIJ and TJX Have in Common?

The reason why a lot of people commonly interchange the two airport codes is because it refers to the same airport – that is the Tijuana International Airport.

Also known as General Abelardo L. Rodríguez International Airport, it is found in Mexico’s Otay Centenario borough – and is exactly found at the immediate south of the US border. With that opportune location, it services both San Diego, California and Tijuana, Mexico.

To date, the Tijuana airport is the hub for Volaris, a budget-friendly airline that takes passengers to destinations within the US, Mexico, as well as Central America.

How Do You Differentiate TIJ and TJX?

TIJ is the known airport code for Tijuana International Airport. It’s what has been used for the longest time, even to this day.

Meanwhile, TJX, like what is already mentioned, refers to the same airport. The main difference it has with TIJ is that booking with this code already includes CBX (Cross Border Xpress) service fees. To put it simply, booking TJX is like getting TIJ plus CBX in one package.

The Cross Border Xpress is a 390 feet-long pedestrian bridge that can be used exclusively by Tijuana Airport passengers. It connects the service terminal located in San Diego and the main facility in Tijuana, allowing people to cross borders with ease. It is a convenient option in getting to the airport, avoiding unforeseen delays through other modes of entry.

When you book a flight with Volaris to Tijuana-Cross Border Xpress, the TJX airport code is automatically selected. You may find more information, as well as the terms and conditions, here.

You may still opt to select TIJ if you wish to. However, you’ll need to purchase the CBX service separately in order to use the enclosed pedestrian bridge.

Can I Not Pay CBX?

If, for some reason, you don’t like to purchase the service, that’s also okay. There are other ways you can get to Tijuana Airport without having to pass through CBX.

Some of your options include crossing the borders via a private car, trolley, or bus. As a matter of fact, you can even get there on foot. Take note, however, that there may be circumstances that can make these alternatives stressful, such as incidents that may cause you to be late, or worse, miss the boarding window for your booked flight.

Should You Pick TIJ or TJX?

Picking between TIJ and TJX is a case-to-case basis, especially if you’re trying to pinch pennies for your travels. As such, it pays to check the costs as they come and compare if it will be cheaper to purchase CBX separately or just get TJX for convenience.

As a tip, you can always check CBX’s site for the prices. Depending on the season, the prices change, so it will definitely help you in deciding. It has information on both one-way and round-trip tickets, so be sure to look it up.

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