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Can You Bring Condoms on a Flight?

Air travel has been increasing in popularity for the past several decades. As more and more companies appear on the market, the prices reduce, and more people use it. Regardless if you’re traveling for work or pleasure, the first step is packing.

Depending on the travel, you pack whatever you need. You can pack as little as a backpack or a 50-pound suitcase. In both cases, there are some essential items and some non-essential ones.

Airline companies and the TSA have some rules about which items you can bring on board. For the most part, there is a list of things that you can and cannot bring onboard, but there are a few exceptions.

There are some items that TSA doesn’t outline, so many people are confused if they can or cannot bring on board. One of those items is condoms. A common question that hovers around the internet for a while is “Can you bring condoms on a flight?” and I’m going to answer it today.

A quick disclaimer – even though the main topic of this article is condoms, I won’t endorse trying to carry drugs, as they are illegal. I would also advise you against consuming drugs. As M. Mackey would say “Drugs are bad, mkay?”

Can You Bring Condoms on a Flight?

The short answer is yes, condoms are allowed on a flight. As they are a thin piece of latex or similar material packed in a box, they pose no risk to the plain or passengers. The fact that TSA doesn’t mention them in its rulebook means that you have more freedom.

When you’re traveling, there are some rules that you need to obey to avoid problems. For example, you are allowed to bring liquids on board, but with some limitations. A single bottle can have a maximum of 3.4 oz or 100 ml of liquid, and you cannot bring more than 10 of those. That is the maximum you can carry, and you are required to keep them in a transparent bag.

The lack of regulation regarding condoms means that you can carry as many as you want, depending on how lucky you think you’ll get.

In other words, you can have a full carry-on bag or checked-in suitcase full of condoms and have no problem getting them on board. In one of the following sections, I’ll explain where it is better to store them.

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Can You Bring Condoms Through Airport Security?

Airport security is the pre-flight check where you will be checked for the items that you carry. This is where the employees will verify if your carry-on bag complies with the TSA rules.

Going through airport security with a bag full of condoms will not be a problem. You will pass the scanner, and as long as you don’t carry anything illegal, you’ll be good to go.

If you have condoms in your carry-on bag and you are a bit shy, there is a way to keep the contents incognito from the people around you. Some airports will allow you to request a private screening, where an employee will check the contents privately. Keep in mind that not all airports have this and it will take longer to get through security.

Do Condoms Set Off Metal Detectors?

condom wrappers

In general, condoms won’t set off a metal detector, but there are some exceptions. Carrying them in a box, like you’d purchase them from a store, means there won’t be any metal part that will alert the metal detector.

Some people carry their condoms in those condom cases, in which case you may set off the detector. This depends on the case itself, as most of them have some kind of metal, meaning you won’t be able to pass with the case in your pocket.

Best Place to Pack Condoms for Travel

This has been a debate as old as the “can you bring condoms on a flight” question, and while some people say that it doesn’t matter, I have a different theory.

We already established that carrying condoms in a carry-on bag or checked luggage is allowed, regardless of how much you want to bring with you. In terms of which option is better, I would advise you to put them in the carry-on bag. I know some are shy about this, but I have a good reason for it.

The carry-on bag goes with you in the cabin, a part of the plain where the temperature is controlled for the passenger’s comfort. As comfortable as you’ll be, so will the condoms. The rubber can be a bit sensitive to temperature changes, leading to countless problems down the road. I’m not saying they need constant temperature, but keeping it normal without too many variations is ideal.

As for the checked luggage, I wouldn’t say that you shouldn’t, but I would advise you against it. The baggage goes in the lower part of the plane, where the temperature can drop despite the insulation. It may not be -100, but it will be lower than the one in the cabin. So the condoms may have an average temperature before taking off, then drop and then get reheated to average temperature again. This may damage the rubber, which is why I recommend having them in the carry-on bag.

Can you Bring Lube on a Plane?

Yes, lube is allowed on a plane, but the rules differ depending on where you want to put it.

Going for the carry-on means that you will need to adhere to the rules that you cannot carry more than 10 bottles of 3.4 oz each. If you happen to have a larger bottle, you can purchase empty traveling bottles and fill them with the lube. The advantage of this approach is that no one will know what you have in them.

As an alternative, you can put the lube in the checked baggage and have no restrictions. The bottle can be as big as you want and the only risk you face is for it to accidentally open during flight.

Final Thoughts

Overall, condoms and lube are not forbidden on a flight. In terms of condoms, you have no restrictions or limitations. As for lube, you will need to adhere to TSA’s rules for carrying liquids.

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